Ask Larry (the Muse)

A lot of you seem awfully interested in Larry and how he functions in my life. (And face it, his life as well. My muse has taken on a life of his own)

Seeing as I may not be able to keep up with the weekly stories, I am giving you guys Larry to play with. Once or twice a week he will pick reader questions to answer.

-All questions must be emailed to:

-Questions posted in the comment section may be looked over because Larry’s handler it a ditz. (Well I am!)

-Questions can be anything from sex advice to writing help. Larry is at your disposal during the few hours I am not using him.

-Be aware, I cannot be held responsible for Larry’s answers. He will probably curse and be graphic. It is in his nature.

-Inappropriate questions will be ignored (on purpose this time).

-If no questions are submitted during the week, Larry will be forced to ramble on and on about how I neglect his need for porn.

1 Comment

  1. Dear Larry,

    I’ve recently learned that my husband is a … *looks around* … well, uh, a Werehubby. I know, they are incredibly rare and ususally not found in the South, but…I’ve got one. He’s great twenty-five days out of a month, it’s those … those other *shudders* days that has me worried.

    Our dog is missing. There are constant pee stains on every tire in the yard, the big oak in the front yard has claw marks on and you wouldn’t believe the hair I find all over the floor. He sheds!

    I even think he recently growled at a lady in Wal-Mart over some Kibbles ‘N Bits (chicken flavor).

    I love him very much. Is there anything I can do?

    P.S. He does enjoy a good leg hump every now and again too, so I’d suggest keeping your distance if you’re wearing short pants.

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