A Romp in the Rain

(This is the first purely erotic piece I wrote. The others had been more… violent and won’t be shared here. I did do a little editing, but I was afraid to damage the tone of the piece by doing too much. Please give your opinions. Thanks. ~R.C. Murphy)

We ran through the pouring rain like a couple of schoolgirls. Nothing could prevent us from relishing the feel of those fat drops of water pelting our skin, tickling us as it ran in rivers down from our hair down to soak into our shirts. It was the perfect day, with the perfect weather, and I was lucky enough to be in the company of the perfect woman.

Her dark chestnut hair, usually so bouncy and shimmering, was plastered down around her face and down her back. The thin shirt she had chosen to wear for our lunch had become so translucent that I could clearly see the thin lacy bra she had underneath. She was my sea nymph come to land and I wanted to keep her forever by my side.

Days before our romp under the clouds Emilie had called me in a panic. Her boyfriend of three years had finally proposed and she didn’t know what to tell him. I offered to take her out to lunch to help her decide. Had I any clue of what would have happened I would have planned this lunch years ago.

“But Charlotte, he’s so boring! I can count on one hand how many times he’s done something completely out of the blue. I can’t see myself married to the man, I just can’t. What am I going to tell his parents?”

I watched in wonder as my dearest friend shoveled a salad in her mouth and still managed to ramble on and on about her doomed relationship. If I had been in her shoes I would have been a complete wreck, but not her. She was always the stronger one.

“If he is so boring, why did you keep him around for three whole years?”

She looked up from her food and thought for a moment before answering, her lettuce-loaded fork hung suspended in the air. I knew I was in for a treat; Emilie rarely took the time to actually think about the answer to a question. More often than not she’d spout out an answer before I had finished asking the question.

“I’d have to say his dick. That man should join a sideshow! I think, if I could, I would chop it off and take it with me. I’ll miss it.” She gave a sigh and began to eat again.

Meanwhile I was left speechless at her confession. Could someone really endure years of monotony just for a good lay? I couldn’t imagine it. Maybe that was why I was so timid when it came to relationships. The idea of being bored every single day of my life was a complete nightmare.

“Emilie, you are so crass. There has got to be something else about William that is appealing.”

“Nope, not a thing. I’d rather sleep with the boring ol Pope than live in the same house with William again.”

I set down my fork and couldn’t help but laugh at her. My friend always had a way with words. Luckily I had gotten over the fact that she was ruder than a sailor on shore leave. Her cursing and flamboyant ways were what made her unique, made her mine.

We finished the meal in silence. Nothing else I could say would save her doomed relationship. To be honest I had never liked the man, I merely endured his presence so that I could be near her. Their breakup was for the best. I could only hope that she would not take it too hard.

The blessed rain started as we were paying our bill. I thought for sure that with it came the end of our afternoon, but oh no, Emilie had better things in mind for us.

As I handed off my money to the waitress, Emilie grabbed my hand and dragged me outside. The cold rain sole the breath from my lungs and for a moment I was unable to speak, let alone yell at her. When I finally caught my breath I tried to yell at her, but she looked so enchanting, so beautiful, I just couldn’t. The words died in my mouth before given life.

The park we walked through was deserted. There was no one around to witness the wonder of heaven come down to earth. I sometimes wish someone had seen us that day, just so that I would know for sure that it had happened. That I had not dreamed it all.

We danced and sang around the small park with not a care in the world. Emilie’s clothes were so wet that they clung to every curve of her well build body. Every time she swept me up in her arms I could feel her hardened nipples brushing against my chest. That one innocent touch sent fire through my veins. Never before had I seen my Emilie in such a way, but that afternoon all I wanted to do was make her mine.

The last time she reached out for me to twirl me around I made my move. I pulled her into my arms and captured her delicate mouth with mine. She tasted like nothing I had ever put to my lips before. Our tongues danced through our mouths in a flurry of lips and teeth. It was as though she were as hungry for me as I had been her.

I broke the kiss and stepped back from my wild woman. Our eyes locked and I saw in her exactly what I was feeling. Every ounce of desire was written there, all waiting for me. My body began to ache; knowing what was to come would be wondrous.

“This way, Charlotte.” Emilie called.

She grabbed my hand and led me to a small gazebo. It’s walls were covered ceiling to floor in rose vines, a few of the roses had survived the storms and sat as a bright red buoy in a sea of green leaves.

I picked one of the roses, careful of the thorns and gave it to Emilie. We kissed again and this time I felt the earth move and the heavens burst. Our hands danced over each other’s bodies restlessly searching for those secret spots that were certain to draw a delighted gasp from our lips.

Emilie sat down on the floor of the gazebo and pulled me down to join her. Carefully she laid me down and began to undress me. First went the heavy coat; it made a thick thud as she tossed it away from us. Next she worked at the buttons of my blouse. The lower buttons she worked with gentle hands, her fingers grazing again my skin as she went. Goosebumps formed on my arms as she worked her way up the buttons, slowing as she got closer to my chest.

I fought the urge to sit up and tear at my clothes and let her continue. Nothing would have caused me to ruin the moment when the palm of her hand slid across my breast. I was undone at that moment and reached up to trap her hand against me as I worked my way out of the damp shirt. As soon as I was free I reached up and dragged her face down to mine. I kissed her so deeply that for a moment we felt as one.

She leaned back from the kiss with the silliest of smiles on her face. I was sure that I wore a similar one on mine and I didn’t care.

The ache in my body had grown almost unbearable as she continued to slowly undress me. I was mad with desire by the time she had stripped me down to my matching bra and panties.

Gently she unlatched my bra and slid it down my arms. Her fingers felt like cool feathers as they touched me. My skin blazed from where she touched me oh so tenderly.

I lay exposed to her and waited. It was the most dreadful couple of seconds in my life as I waited for her to touch me again. But it was worth the sweet torment as she leaned her head down and nuzzled my breast. My hand ran through her hair and held her as she explored my breasts with lips and tongue.

The urge to claim her became too much and I sat up and began to tear away her clothes. I was not as gentle or as teasing as she was. I had to taste her, had to feel those curves pressed against me.

She lay below me in a pair of underwear much like my own. I couldn’t help but to smile at the little cartoon kitty cat that stared up at me as I dipped my head down to draw one of her nipples into my mouth. She let out a small cry that tightened things in my body I did not know I had until that day. As I worked her breasts with my mouth, my hands wandered her body, memorizing every inch of her skin.

Reluctantly I left her breasts and kissed my way down the flat plains of her stomach. With the tips of my fingers I drew her panties down her legs and tossed them into the pile of clothes.

“Goodbye Mr. Kitty” she called softly.

Laughter rolled out of my mouth and I leaned up her body to kiss her. As we kissed I felt my way through the small tuft of hair covering her and found what I had been searching for. I deepened the kiss and parted her folds to expose that luscious little knob. With gentle caresses I rubbed her cleft reveling in the moans and cries that escaped her lips. This is what I had wanted from her.

Laying kisses down her throat to her chest and further down her stomach I made my way down to look at her, exposed, for my eyes only. She looked down at me with hazy eyes and gave me a knowing smile. Without a second thought I took her into my mouth. A moan rumbled in my throat as I tasted her for the first time. She was pure ambrosia. This is what the gods must eat, I thought as I worked her with my tongue.

Her fingers wound themselves into my wet hair as she held me in place. I listened as her cries gave to shaking breaths and I knew she was close. I worked her harder with my tongue, willing her to come for me.

Finally she came, the hand in my hair tightening as she cried out my name. I lapped up the juices that flowed from her, wishing I could bottle her essence and keep it forever.

Emilie dragged me up from her throbbing core and kissed me so fiercely I was sure that I would go blind from it. She licked at her wetness that had found its way onto my chin and then licked, nibbled and kissed her way down my body.

By the time she had reached the top of my underwear I had forgotten the rain, the gazebo, the earth. No one else existed besides my Emilie and me.

With a ferocity that was so unlike herself, Emilie tore away my underwear and threw them towards our other clothes. I looked down my body and met her hot gaze. Never before had she looked so beautiful as she parted my thighs and brought me into her hot little mouth.

A cry tore out of my throat as she worked me with her tongue. Fire burned through my veins and I felt the universe begin to fade. It all came down to Emilie, she was my universe and I would have given anything to have been able to stay there for eternity exploring her body and finding new ways to make her cry out my name.

I opened my eyes and saw her hand as it reached down to join her mouth at my core. She thrust her fingers into me and worked me harder than she had before, finding a rhythm with her hand and mouth.

The orgasm building in my core tore through me like hot lava. The universe collapsed around me, I saw stars and heard angels sing. After I had found myself again she continued to tease at me with her mouth until I was nearly pleading with her to stop.

Slowly she crawled up my body and claimed my mouth with hers. I could taste myself in her and the mixture of it was nearly enough to send me over the edge again.

I laid my head against her chest, unable to move. To be honest I never wanted to move again. If I could have found a way to stop time and stay with my Emilie in that gazebo for all eternity I would have.

“Lets go get dessert.” she said suddenly.

“I don’t think I can walk. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk ever again, actually.” I replied as I traced small circles along her stomach.

Her stomach bounced as she laughed. She tilted my head up and kissed me again.

“Oh I’m sure you can get those legs working again if I offer to buy you a slice of cheesecake.” She said as she rolled out from under me and began to sort through the heap of wet clothes.

“”Damn you for knowing my one true weakness.” I cried as I crawled towards her and tried to find my underwear.

“I know how to please my woman in everything.” She whispered before gathering me up in her arms and delivering the hottest kiss I have ever experienced.

“Yes you do.” I breathed. “Now where the hell did you put my underwear?”


7 thoughts on “A Romp in the Rain

  1. sbischoff

    A wonderful piece as always. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait for your next one, keep them coming. No pun intended.

  2. I believe this is the first thing of yours that I’ve read. While the subject matter is not my particular interest it was very well written. Very visual and elegant and witty.
    It is easy to over-write an erotic scene but you gave it just the right touch. Great job!

  3. I have never read anything from you before, and though I don’t read this type of thing much anymore, I found it very enjoyable. It was beautiful, touching, sensual, and erotic all at the same time. It was beautifully written and very engaging. I feel like I already know the characters quite well just from this short piece. My one criticism is that sometimes you repeat words or phrases in close proximity that don’t need to be repeated. For example: “tickling us as it ran in rivers down from our hair down to soak into our shirts.” I think you could omit the second “down”.
    Otherwise, good job!

    1. Thank you.
      I agree, this is an old piece that I should actually pull down for a little while and edit fully. A lot of the pieces are in need of the same. I usually work on such a tight schedule that they don’t get the babying they need. lol

  4. Wow. SImply, wow. As a gay man, I would never read something like this. I have to say though, it is very well written, and very erotic. I like the touches you have, and how normal it feels. I think there is a brief moment of confusion here Right before they leave the restaurant Charlotte says, “They broke up” but it hasn’t happened b/c they are together at the beginning of the piece. Days before turns into the same day. Overall, well done!

    @snowppl #teasertuesday

    1. I’ve never been of the “same gender sex is taboo” school, so the idea of it pours out on the page naturally without me forcing to work past the idea that it is “wrong” in some way. This was my answer to someone that didn’t believe me when I told them I was bisexual. *rolls eyes*

      Ah heck, I really should edit this piece. (commented on it earlier) People are giving good feedback, but its really rough.

      Thanks for reading.

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