(It is taking me longer to pick the next piece to edit and post than anticipated. In order to keep intrest in this page, I might occasionally post old poetry. There are a few pieces I wrote way back when that I actually like. Here is the first poetic blast from the past)

Little Boy

I reach out
feel something
warm, soft
I find the light
see the body of a young boy
the warm, soft body of a dead boy
his clothes have been taken away
he looks so peaceful
yet so scared
who did this to him?
the human monster
the beast humanity has unleashed
to prey upon our youth
to corrupt their minds
and thin out the flock
a wolf
a man
could only do this
souless creature
cast from humanities hands
to those of the darkness
all he wants is company
somebody to talk to
I see him there in the coner
conversing with the dead
his own kind
for he too is dead
having no soul
to keep his human heart
beating, loving
I turn off the light
to join him in the dark
I too am unloved
my heart stands still
we are meant to be
haunting the youth
thinning the flock
for all eternity
~R.C. Murphy


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