Park Romp

(Another oldie. This one is quicker than the last, but I really enjoyed the tone of the scene and the characters despite the length.)

“Hurry up, before they come around again.” Andi whispered through the semi darkness.

“I can’t even see my shoes, how the hell are we supposed to fuck?” Grant muttered as he fumbled around with his belt buckle. “What is this thing, a god damned Rubik’s cube?”

“Oh for fucks sake, Grant. Come here.”

A pale hand shot through the darkness and latched onto the front of Grant’s jeans. Andi gave a tug and pulled him closer to the bench she was sitting on. Steadying him with one hand, she quickly defeated the problematic belt buckle and grinned in triumph.

“It just needed a woman’s touch. Now come here.”

Her hand disappeared down the front of Grant’s pants before he could protest. Thin fingers circled his shaft and gently freed it from its denim and cotton prison. A cool breeze cut through the nearly abandoned park and sent chills down the couple’s spines. Grant opened his mouth to suggest a different, warmer location for their activities, but his words were dashed away as Andi’s warm breath tickled across the tip of his rod.

Andi smiled again as a low groan rumbled above her. It was her idea to do it out here and she was very good at convincing Grant to go along with her crazy and sometimes stupid ideas. The county fair was a stupid idea. Who knew so many cops would be hanging around the fried candy bar booth? This was a good idea. Only one security person out to patrol the whole park. If they made it quick and relatively quiet, there wouldn’t be any problems.

“Earth to Andi, you going to do something or just admire it all night?”

“Shut up, Grant. I was just thinking about how this better not end up like the fair.”

“Well if you’d hurry up, Barney Fife over there won’t have a chance to catch us.” Grant said as he peeked over the bushes at the security truck creeping along the dark road that cut through the large park.

Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Andi leaned forward and flicked her tongue across the tip of his shaft. Instantly she felt the tension ease out of him. Good. She licked across her lips and then brought them down over him.

The contrast between the cold night air and Andi’s warm mouth made it nearly impossible to remain in control. Every stroke of those soft lips, every twirl of her tongue made it feel as though he were going to burst. Grant’s head dropped back and his breath came in short bursts. She was going to kill him with just a damned blowjob. But damn it’d be a good way to go.

Andi enjoyed the power she had over Grant in that moment. A little voice in the back of her mind wanted her to keep teasing him until he begged to come. While tempting, Andi pushed the thought aside. She gave him one last lick, moving slowly from base to tip and then tracing around the head with just the tip of her tongue. Using the sleeve of her sweater, she wiped her mouth and then looked up at Grant.

“Still alive up there?” She teased.

“Barely. Have you been practicing?” He breathed.

“Trade secret. Now its my turn.”

Grant chuckled at Andi’s standard response and knelt down in front of her. As usual Andi was in a skirt so short it should have been called a belt. Not that he minded, pants got in the way and longer skirts never stayed up where you want them. Wrestling with too much material made their little games harder to play. Those too-short skirts were a godsend.

Pushing her thin black lace panties aside, Grant slid a finger into her. Andi was almost always wet and ready when they were together and tonight was no exception. Her sticky nectar clung to his finger and he drove it in and out of her. The tight muscles of her sheath tightened on his finger as he worked her closer and closer to orgasm. Dipping his head down, Grant captured her sensitive bud between his lips and flicked his tongue across it. Andi’s hand clamped down on his shoulder, nearly driving him to the ground. Oh she was close.

Nails digging into Grant’s shoulder, Andi held on to him like he was the last solid thing on Earth. Liquid fire raced through her veins as he continued to bring her closer and closer to climax. God, the man had magical hands, and that tongue? No other man she had been with was as talented as Grant when it came to oral.

With one last thrust of his fingers, Andi came. She lurched forward to sink her teeth in the shoulder of his jacket so that her screaming wouldn’t bring people searching for the source. Trembling against him, she had no control over her body any more and was more than willing to lie back when he began to ease her down towards the bench.

The cold stone bit into her back, but didn’t bother Andi. She was lost in a haze of bliss. It could open up and rain on them for all she cared at the moment.

Grant positioned himself between her creamy thighs and grinned down at his girl. He gave a thrust and slid into her sheath smoothly. Dear God she was so tight he nearly saw stars. Leaning down, he captured her mouth and began to pump in and out of her. The small cries she made only urged him on.

Each stroke Grant made hit the end of her. The small mix of pain just helped Andi’s pleasure to build. Her long legs wrapped around him, opening her up to his relentless pounding. Dragging him down to her, Andi nudged his face aside and sank her teeth into his neck. Not hard enough to draw blood, but just enough to give him the edge of pain they both liked so much. Her hips rocked against him in an urgent need to come again.

Pain, pleasure, the thrill of being in public, it all collided in Grant and sent him spiraling over the edge. Growling, he rode the pleasure and continued to thrust against Andi, knowing she had to be close.

A heavy weight settled in Andi’s womb. She clung to Grant as his release took him, and soon followed him to bliss. Lightning flowed through her body and forced her to bite down on his jacket again. Small whimpers eased out between her clenched teeth.

They lay there for a moment relearning how to breathe. Grant was the first to move, he eased out of Andi and slumped onto the bench beside her feet. Smiling, Andi sat up and leaned her cheek against his shoulder.

“How long have those lights been flashing?” She asked quietly as her eyes finally focused.

“What lights? Oh shit!”

Grant jumped up and made quick work of putting himself away. He leaned down and grabbed Andi’s hand. Jerking her to her feet, he gave her a shove away from the flashing lights of the security truck.

“Next time we are doing it indoors!” He hollered at her as they ran.

“OK! Laser tag it is!”


2 thoughts on “Park Romp

  1. Madison Woods

    Lord, girl you should’ve given more advance warning than that! That’s an awful hot read for this time of night, LOL. Okay, okay. I need to get to the crit, LOL.

    The scene was easy to visualize. Actually, it would have been hard NOT to visualize. But from a writerly perspective, yes you’ve done very well here.

    For my one critique, I would say that the phrase ‘A heavy weight settled in Andi’s womb’ caused me to pull out of the scene and you might try something else to express that feeling.

    Hah. Now, thanks for sending me to bed alone all hot and bothered 😉

    1. Bahahaha! Sorry. I did say it was not safe for work, which I generally only put on erotic stories.

      Yes, I hate that phrase. Years of writing erotica/romance and I am still toying with better ways to describe an orgasm.

      I suggest a cold shower. Or some “alone time”. *coughs*

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