Isis and Connor

I wrote this back in 2007 or so. Isis and Connor came to me on accident. I hadn’t thought that their stories would be so compelling until I wrote the first one. There is a second part to this, but it needs heavy editing. Please enjoy.


“Mmm, you’ve been a very naughty boy.” Isis purred as she walked around the bed, tapping the end of her riding crop on every post as she passed. Her long hair was loose, flowed around her like a cloak with each step. She wore nothing, her ample breasts swayed back and forth in time with her movements, almost a hypnotizing rhythm.

On the bed lay a man in his late twenties. His body was in perfect shape, abs cut so perfectly that he appeared to be carved of stone. His complexion was pale, almost too pale. The crowning glory was his long brown hair. It lay out like a fan above his head and moved as though it had a mind of its own while he writhed on the bed.

The man’s hands and feet were bound with white nylon ropes, the knots tied so that when he struggled the knot would slip down and tighten down on his limbs. He tried to stay as still as possible to spare his arms and legs, but it is very hard to stay still when in the hands of a woman such as Lady Isis.

Isis crawled onto the edge of the bed and settled herself between his legs. She licked her lips as she looked down on the luscious body offered below her like a sacrificial lamb. She reached out and touched the inside of his creamy white thigh with a single finger, tracing the barely visible veins with a long, blood red fingernail.

“Connor always bring the tastiest treats when he visits.” Isis continued to run her nails up and down the man’s thigh, admiring how his muscles tensed and twitched with each caress.

The man arched his back and closed his eyes. He had known great pleasure, but nothing compared to what he experienced under Isis’ careful hands. He was certain that if she even breathed across his rock hard rod at that moment he would lose his hard-fought control and spill over onto her impossibly pale hand.

Isis smiled and watched as the man sucked down deep breaths and tried to regain his composure. It wouldn’t be right for him to finish so soon. The night was so young and she intended to play with her newest toy all night long.

She slid her hand further up his leg and touched his sack carefully. He was close, oh so close and she had to be careful not to spoil the fun so early.

“So soft, dear one.” she cooed as she stroked back and forth across the tender skin with the back of a knuckle.

His breath caught in his throat as she continued to play with him. He had expected her to be cruel and punish him as the other masters had, but Lady Isis was so kind, so gentle. If he weren’t so aroused he might have cried. But oh she knew how to please a man, even one as worthless as he.

Suddenly Isis dug her nails carefully into the soft flesh under her hand.

“I want you to stay with me, dear one. I will not have you thinking of someone else while in my care, do you understand?” Isis studied him carefully, sure that he had escaped to a fantasy world, and that would not do. It was difficult to tell with this one. The others she had played with favored finding comfort in fantasies. This time she felt a little selfish. She wanted her toy to know who was giving him both pleasure and pain.

The man nodded quickly, afraid that she would lose her gentle manner if he crossed her. The mistress had the tenderest part of his body in her grasp. If she grew upset, he was done for as a male.

“Good.” She purred softly, her warm breath a ghost of touch across his shaft.

Isis leaned forward and licked quickly along the inside of his thigh. Needing to feel more, she lay down and began to kiss her way up his legs coming dangerously close to his manhood but stopping painfully short of her goal.

The sensation of the mistress’s long hair playing along his legs sent the man crazy. It was like being enveloped in the softest silk known to man and he couldn’t get enough of it.

Isis watched as his rod stiffened even more, become so hard it might burst. She moved her mouth to hover right over his sack and breathed in his scent. He was an overwhelming burst of sandalwood and lavender, an odd combination for a male, but it fit him.

Quickly her tongue darted out and licked a long line around the base of him. He tasted like heaven and she wanted to devour him right then, but she regained her composure and settled her head against his thigh.

A sigh slipped from her lips, breezing across his tight sack. Isis allowed herself to relax for a moment while encased in the warmth between her toy’s legs. Her thoughts drifted off as she thought over the night’s events. Connor’s sudden appearance had set her on edge. Even though he had brought this delicious present, he had broken the law in coming into her territory without notice.

Vampires were not allowed to enter another territory without notice, it was considered an attack on the Lord or Lady of the area and would mean a war between the two. Their world was one of dominance and submission. The balance must be maintained, not for their safety, but that of the mortals. Unchecked, the lesser vampires would run amok, slaughtering thousands to sate the horrible, horrible bloodlust that rode them all. Only the strongest could forsake this natural urge and they had become the Lords and Ladies ruling their kind.

Isis shook the thought her head and rubbed her cheek along the man’s thigh. He gifted her with a harsh gasp that brought a wide smile to her lips. Yes, she would enjoy this present, but Connor would have a lot to answer for when she was done.

Rolling onto her stomach again, Isis nibbled along the edge of the man’s groin and watched as he writhed under her attentions.

Despite the delicious distraction, Isis again found her thoughts drifting off to Connor. It wasn’t long ago that he would have been under her like this, begging and pleading for her to allow him release. Oh what times those were, but they are no more. Connor had fought long and hard to become Lord of his own territory. All of their games were over. It was such a heart-breaking loss. He had always been her favorite.

Frustrated with her lack of focus, Isis pushed away from her toy and sat up. She glared down at the man who was still writhing on the bed. How dare he enjoy himself while she was in utter misery?

Isis snarled and lowered her face to his thigh again. She licked a spot higher on his thigh then let her teeth sink into the sweet, tender flesh. She kept biting until her sharp canines pierced the skin and she felt his hot, coppery blood slide across her tongue.

Unaware of what her intentions were the man began to moan and pull against his restraints. This was not the first time he had been under a vampire. The blood loss was a small price to pay for the pleasures that they could give. The familiar lightheadedness that came with the feeding swept over him like a thick blanket. He waited for her to stop and continue with their play, but her voracious feeding never ceased.

Isis continued to drink until she was so full that everything in sight was tinted red. Very rarely did she gorge herself like this, but Connor had sent her into a rage with his mere appearance. It was bad form to kill humans; killing brought too much attention to their kind, but laws be damned. She was in a pissy mood and killing made her feel better.

Raising her head from the wound, Isis watched as the precious blood began to run down the slave’s leg and soak into the stark white sheets. She admired the beauty of it for a moment and then climbed down from the bed and began to dress.

As she fastened the button on her skirt, Isis felt a burning sensation in her stomach. The burning soon turned into a cramp the likes of which she had never felt. Her vision began to blur and darken around the edges. She reached for the pull cord that led to a bell in the servant’s quarters. Her fingers brushed the cord, but she fell and pulled the cord out of the wall.

Within moments several servants had entered the room to witness their mistress vomiting up blood and thicker things that looked as though they should have remained inside her. The ever-growing mass around her sizzled and bubbled as it hit the floor, eating into the carpet below.

Behind the mass of servants there were the sounds of arguing as Connor pushed his way into the room. He knelt beside Isis, careful to keep his knee out of the acidic pool of blood and intestines.

“What is wrong, dear one? Did you taste something you didn’t like?” He said softly with a smirk on his face. Connor’s hair bounced around his shoulders as he fought off a laugh. The plan had worked all too well. He was certain the creature on the bed would die long before she had a chance to feed. Obviously Isis had lost her touch at prolonging her usual fun and games.

Isis glared at him as she clutched her stomach. She tried to speak, but the effort only served to bring up another burning rush of poisoned blood. It spilled up out of her nose and mouth, choking off any attempt to scream in Connor’s despicable face.
“Such a pity, he was my favorite.” Connor looked towards the bed with its blood soaked sheets.

“The game is over, Isis. I win” He brushed a hand through the long chocolate colored waves that had haunted his dreams for far too long. Blood had begun to seep from Isis’ unfocused eyes. He watched as the last breath rattled from her damaged body. “Such a waste.” He whispered before turning to address the room full of panicking servants.

“Clean up this mess. I am Lord of this territory now.” Connor walked out without so much as a look back at his former mistress, a wide grin plastered on his face. Maybe now that witch would leave his dreams in peace.





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