Honey (Full)

(Special thanks to Laura K, and “W” for offering up names to use in this story)

Thick amber liquid drizzled through the air. The instant it hit the warm flesh waiting below it began to melt. Running in lazy rivers over the flat planes of his stomach, the honey left a sticky trail that just begged to be licked up. A small puddle of the sweet treat pooled in the depths of his belly button. Peyton’s mouth watered just thinking about how good it would taste.

(Content warning: explicit language, strong sexual situations. Readers must be 18+. Thank you)

The muscles under his tanned flesh jumped and bunched as the cold honey dribbled slowly over his stomach. She wanted to put an end to it. Wanted to say screw the games and skip straight to easing the unrelenting ache building between her legs. But Jude had asked for this and she was all too eager to give him anything he wanted.

Glistening, gooey globs of the sweetness clung to the light dusting of hairs just below his navel. Her gaze followed the trail down until it ran for cover under the waistband of his black silk boxers. The soft material clung to him, hiding no detail from her hungry eyes.

Waiting to strip him out of that thin scrap of material drove her crazy. Peyton’s fingertips itched to feel the warm velvet hidden underneath the silk. Unbidden they began to fondle the skin just above the elastic band, spreading the honey where her mouth was soon to follow.

Jude grunted and shifted on the bed. Looking up, Peyton noticed the sweat beading on his forehead. His hands dug into the blankets in an effort to remain submissive to her teasing. He was always in charge. Always. Seeing him struggle to surrender to her sent wet heat soaking through her panties.

Peyton dipped her fingers into the bowl of honey once more. She brought them up to dangle over his chest. Dollops of thick syrup fell onto one nipple then the other. They hardened under the attention, small brown peaks surfacing through puddles of sweetness.

A groan pulled from Jude’s parted lips. His chest rose and fell rapidly while she made a show of licking her fingers clean. Muscles bulged in his forearms as his grip tightened. He wasn’t going to stand the teasing much longer.

“You promised,” she reminded him, her voice deep with desire.

“Fuck!” he growled. “Just hurry.”

“That is the last thing I am going to do.” Peyton set aside the bowl and threw a leg over his so she could sit on his thighs, pinning them.

The slick silk boxers teased at the delicate flesh of her thighs. She fought the urge to laugh when the fabric tickled a sensitive spot just shy of drenched lace. Sticky fingers wandered down between her legs. Peyton rubbed herself through her panties, making sure he watched.

Frustrated, Jude bucked against her weight, trying to move her onto his hips. If she moved, the sensation of his rock hard erection pushing against her core would throw the game out the window.

It was a weakness. One he exploited all too often.

“Behave.” Her nails bit down into his hip. He growled in response but laid back and watched with hooded eyes.

Peyton licked her lips in anticipation of tasting the delectable vision spilled out below her. Leaning down over him, she licked along a trail of honey. It teetered on the edge of his stomach, threatening to spill over onto the bed. Jude sucked in a breath. The muscles of his thigh twitched under her ass with desire to move.

Hungry brown eyes rolled up to pin him with a warning look. No doubt he thought that this far in she would give up control and let him ravish her. Her mouth laid a path of sticky kisses across his stomach while she watched his face struggle between frustration and pleasure. Another surge of damp warmth rushed through Peyton; she stifled a moan by biting down into the tender skin just above his hip.

She was pleased to hear a yelp from Jude. Golden blonde hair fanned out around his head, pieces of it stuck together with sweat. Peyton smiled up at him, honey dripping from her chin. He gave a strangled groan and slammed his head back down against the bed as though the vision of her straddling him were too much to bear.

Peyton let her tongue delve into the sugary puddle gathered in his navel. As she lapped up the honey, Jude lost the battle with his urges and writhed under her. Wantonly he rocked his hips upwards, trying to rub his cock against her. She slid down a little further, denying him that simple pleasure.

“Not yet, baby,” she purred, her tongue drawing down through the dark hair leading towards her ultimate goal.

“Fuck. You are killing me.” Jude’s voice cracked.

“Only a little.”

Licking the sweet honey mixed with the salt from his skin made Peyton feel like a tiger. The sense of control she had was something she’d never experienced before. Below her, sprawled out like an offering, Jude was her prey. Delicious prey at that. Just because she’d fucked him countless times before did not lessen the thrill tying her libido in knots.

Her tongue laved his nipples, taking care to clean off the sticky sweet mess. To her side the blankets tore under Jude’s efforts to remain submissive. Such a show of strength made Peyton pause, her mouth opened over his nipple. She exhaled; a hot wind caressed his aroused nipple. On the other side of them another hole tore the blanket with a spine-tingling sound.

Nipping and licking up Jude’s pulse, Peyton rewarded his restraint with a honey-flavored kiss. Her tongue slid across his lower lip, urging him to open up to her. She wanted a piece of her to be inside him. She had to become one with him for just a moment before continuing the torment.

His mouth opened up to her. Peyton’s heart leapt up into her throat. Their tongues met in the middle, the wet warmth teasing their lips until she took control again. Her tongue dove into his mouth, dancing across Jude’s to give him a taste of what she’d been licking off of his body.

Just as he was about to wrap her up in his arms Peyton sat up and slid down his body. The rough lace of her lingerie scraped across the sticky remains of the honey on his torso. It caught her nipple through the thin bra and pulled hard enough to make her gasp. She hadn’t realized how neglected her own needs were until then. The game would have to end soon before she lost control.

“No fair,” Jude breathed, his hands closing in on empty air.

“You were trying to cheat.” To drive her point home, Peyton smacked the inside of his thigh, hard enough to sting but not harm the tender flesh.

“I can’t do this.”


Hands on his knees, Peyton pushed to spread Jude’s legs wide so she could kneel between them. His pulse jumped in his neck and his eyes bulged. He watched cautiously while her fingernails scraped up the inside of his thighs. Muscles twitched in their wake.

Under its silk prison his cock jerked, begging for her attention. She chuckled, a deep laugh she’d never been able to muster until that moment. The power he’d given her over his body created that throaty laugh, the laugh of a woman who knows what is going to happen and will enjoy wringing every last drop of pleasure from her mate.

Peyton lowered her mouth down towards the tented black silk. Kiss-reddened lips brushed over the soft material. The heat from her lips penetrated the boxers, a ghost kiss that drew a frustrated growl from Jude. Her lips kissed over him from tip to base and down lower to tease his sack. Around her his legs trembled and moved in closer, holding her there. A silent plea that she not stop what she started.

Fingertips replaced lips and walked back up to the waistband of his boxers. Peyton smiled as she toyed with the elastic, pulling it back a little to let it snap against his skin. Each time she pulled back further. The sound was meaty, like flesh hitting flesh.

On the last pull she held the fabric well away for him and leaned towards the nightstand. Silver flashed through the air and plunged down into the silk. Peyton worked the scissors carefully as she cut the boxers free from Jude’s body. He’d gone stock still, breaths coming in tiny little gasps she could hardly hear.

“C…careful,” he stuttered.

“I won’t cut you, honey.” She set the scissors aside and used her bare hands to finish ripping the silk apart.

Again Peyton brought her mouth down over Jude’s cock. Her tongue flicked across the underside of the head, paying special attention to the sensitive spot joining head to foreskin. The stifled moan from the other side of the bed brought a smile to her lips and encouraged her to continue her exploration.

She licked every inch of his manhood available to her. By the time Peyton was done with her first taste Jude’s erection glistened with spit. It bobbed under the weight of her gaze, coming to rest just below his navel. For the first time since they met she was reminded just how large he was.

A bead of moisture dribbled from his dick. Peyton quickly bent to lick it up, finally taking him all the way into her mouth. Jude cursed loudly and slapped the bed beside him. Her lips worked down the slick length of him, then up again so her tongue could swirl around the head. Through the haze of concentration she heard the blanket rip again.

Encouraged by the intensity of Jude’s reactions, Peyton began to service him in earnest. Her entire being focused on pleasing the man under her control. Using hand, mouth, tongue, she stroked and teased his cock until he cried for her to stop.

“You don’t really want me to,” she whispered, her lips brushing gently over the head of his dick.

Jude looked down at her for a long moment. Finally he shook his head. “No, I don’t.”

“Didn’t think so.” Her lips wrapped around the swollen head once again.

A hand wound tightly in her hair, dragging her away from his body. “What about you?”

Peyton smiled and licked away a bit of sticky pre-cum on her lips. “You can rest while you return the favor.”

Jude gaped at her. She’d never been so forward before when it came to making demands in bed. He didn’t realize that their game would last until she was fully satisfied. Something about her didn’t strike him as “that” sort of girl. The look on his face was well worth proving him wrong.

He let go of her hair and slumped back down onto the bed. A strange look crossed his eyes, quickly replaced by pleasure when Peyton flicked her tongue over his cock again. Jude relaxed a little and let out a deep breath.

A satisfied grin pulled at Peyton’s mouth. Once again she worked her lips down over the length of him. This time she didn’t stop until the tip of him was nestled in her throat. She held her breath and swallowed around him. Jude jerked in surprise.

“That’s new,” he gasped.

She pulled free enough to give a slight nod. Soon she set a quick rhythm with hand, mouth, and tongue again. This time he would come. Peyton was determined to bring him to total submission. She had no real power until he succumbed to the pleasure she was offering.

“Shit, babe. I’m there.” Jude’s voice broke under the weight of his pleasure.

Blindly Peyton reached up and took one of his hands. Their fingers laced tightly. On the back of her tongue she tasted the beginnings of his orgasm. She slid her lips down, putting him at the back of her throat again. Jude cursed. His spine bowed and hot pleasure spilled down her throat. Eagerly she drank him down until the last drop eased from his spent cock.

“God damn.”

Peyton came up off his wilting erection laughing. Satisfaction coursed through her veins right along side a fiery ache moments from being sated. She crawled up the length of his body and kissed him, feeding at his mouth as she had his prick.

“My turn,” she whispered against his lips.

“With pleasure.” Jude grinned and flipped them over. In no time at all her drenched panties were flung aside and his broad shoulders nestled between her thighs. He began to pay Peyton for every blissful moment she’d given him.


8 thoughts on “Honey (Full)

  1. Heather Grayson

    Wow. That was just breathtaking. Erotica isn’t usualy my genre of choice, but you definitely have skills as a writer that I can’t help but admire.

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