I think the picture says it all. This week has been a series of unproductive, stressful, and tear-filled days. Something knocked my balancing act out of whack. I am still trying to recover from whatever it was.

While I am trying to fix the jumbled mess that is my brain I also have the joy of prepping my nephew (A) for Kindergarten. Holy Crap. Is it that time already? Yeah, I guess it is. *sigh* He’s getting so big!

All in all, your dear writer is a train wreck.

Last week I held a contest on Twitter. If I received 400 followers I would write and post a new erotica story. Unfortunately I haven’t been “in the mood” to write, let alone delve into anything sexy.

Later today or tomorrow I will post a filler story for you all to enjoy. The erotica will come *snickers* next week.

My brain simply needs a break.


4 thoughts on “Delays

  1. Sometimes we all need time to regroup and give ourselves a break. Yours is very deserved take your time and it will all come to you when be. Have a wonderful week and weekend. Blessed be. We will all be hard regardless waiting on your next word. : )

    1. Thank you for understanding, Tobi. I hate skipping a week of posting, even more so when I have promised something specific and cannot deliver. Sure, they are self-imposed deadlines but I still feel it is important to keep them.

      But sometimes we just have to call a time-out, breathe, then crawl back on the saddle.

  2. How did the “followers” drive on twitter go? Maybe I should try writing erotica and offering it as enticement. Although I get the feeling you have a better track record with that than I. Good luck with your writing. Keep tweeting too.

    1. My followers are a tad ravenous at times. They had me at my goal a week ahead of the deadline. Bribing with erotica totally works, at least for me.

      Thank you for the kind words. 😀

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