A few years ago I was asked to write a Supergirl script. The “producer” was a scam artist. Luckily I was smart enough to not give him any of my work before he disappeared.

I abandoned the project, my heart wasn’t in it any more. Once in a while I consider finishing, but for now it just collects dust in my harddrive.

The movie is centered around Kara Kent, Superman’s cousin from Krypton. The villains are Killer Frost, Livewire, and I think I was going to bring in Brainiac as well.

This scene features Leslie Willis, who will become Livewire as a result of what happens here.

Hope you all can forgive me for this unabashed nerdity.



Metropolis at midday. People are busy, walking quickly, carefully avoiding each other as they pass on the crowded streets. A couple newsstands have handfuls of customers browsing magazine racks or picking up a piece of candy. Further down the street is a fruit stand where people are stopping to grab a quick lunch as they hurry. Everyone is in a hurry in the city, it seems.

The city crawls past, going through the park and ending outside the offices of WLXL, Metropolis’s #1 radio station.


In the courtyard in front of the building a small stage has been set up. On the stage is a lone microphone stand and several banners with anti-Superman slogans and images printed or painted on them. To the side of the stage is a small sound system connected to large stacks of speakers on either side of the stage. Standing near the sound system is LESLIE WILLIS, a local radio celebrity who is known for her short temper and almost unreasonable hatred of Superman. She is fidgeting with the levels and buttons on the sound system.

Around the stage a small crowd has gathered near, waiting to see what the crazed DJ will say next. Others walk past, taking a moment to glance towards the stage before shaking their heads in disgust and continuing on their way.

To the right of the crowd is a group of four uniformed police officers. They stand close to their cars and appear to be bored. They are there not so much to control the crowd as to protect Leslie, who has made numerous enemies with her constant attacks on Superman. There is also a detective on the scene.

DETECTIVE DAN TURPIN, a middle aged man, balding, clothes a mess, looking worse for wear and extremely irritated, leans against his unmarked car.


Twenty years on the force and how to they

thank me? “Hey Dan, why don’t you go down

and baby-sit that lunatic disc jockey.”

He makes a disgusted sound and glances around at the crowd.


I should have called in sick.

The crowd is mostly comprised of folks that look as though they have a few screws loose. A few homeless people have parked their shopping carts and are waiting to hear what is going on. A Goth couple are standing arm in arm, next to them is a homeless man, clutching a ragged bible to his chest. Several men and women in business suits are at the back of the crowd.

A news van has parked nearby. A young man in his mid twenties is waiting by the van holding a microphone and adjusting his tie. The cameraman is leaning into the back of the van digging out his camera.

A look up into the trees and see that dark clouds have begun to gather and the wind is getting stronger.

Next to the stage Leslie is still pushing buttons on the sound equipment. She finally seems happy with how it is set and turns to face her audience. She is rather plain looking in a pair of black jeans and a t-shirt that has the same anti-Superman slogan as the banners on the stage. Her hair is short, but still long enough to pull back into a messy ponytail. She has no makeup on, aside from a little bit of lip balm.

LESLIE (to herself)


She turns and presses a button on the sound system. The theme song from her radio show blasts from the speakers and startles the crowd. Some cover their ears, others cheer, and some just bob their heads to the rhythm of the music.

The cops and Turpin straighten and begin to watch the crowd closely.

Leslie takes to the stage, half walking, and half dancing to her theme music. She waves to the crowd, blowing kisses to the cops and Turpin. She continues to prance around, admiring the banners on stage until the music fades out and she yanks the microphone out of its stand.


Hello Metropolis!

The crowd cheers and Leslie stops to bask in their applause.


You guys are too kind.

She preens a little longer as the crowd simmers down.


We are gathered here today to mourn the

Loss of Superman. Where has the Big Blue

Boy scout gone? Has he finally seen the light

and decided to leave us alone? Who knows

and who cares?

A few applause and cheers from the crowd.

LESLIE (contd.)

I am sick and tired of watching him fly

around the city acting like our savior.

He expects us to sit around and hope

and pray for him to come and save us.

Then the moment when you really, truly

need him, he’s not there. Why put all of

your faith in one man? We have the police.

We have the Army. Who needs Superman?

The crowd erupts into a round of applause and cheers. Those passing by stop and look at the scene playing out, unable to believe that anyone would be so ungrateful.

KARA is walking past and stops to watch Leslie. She is shocked and has never heard anyone talk about Superman like this. She lurks at the back of the crowd.

Thunder booms suddenly and it begins to rain. The wind picks up and blows down one of the anti-Superman banners on stage.

Leslie looks up at the clouds and sneers.


Looks like ol’ Mother Nature agrees

with me!

Another thunder burst, followed by a bolt of lightning. It is close, but not too close to the gathering. The police begin to get nervous, some are digging raincoats out of their cars, the rest are walking towards the stage, preparing to shut Leslie down. Turpin walks towards the sound equipment and waits.


I say we let Superman stay wherever

he is. We don’t need him!

The crowd starts to chant, scream, clap, and cause a ruckus.


Down with Superman!

Another thunder burst and more lightning, this time closer to the gathering. Some of the crowd has run off to find shelter in the surrounding buildings. The few that are left continue to chant and cheer.

Turpin gives a disgusted sound and carefully switches off the sound system. Leslie continues to chant with the crowd, not noticing that the sound has been cut for a moment.

LESLIE (To Turpin)

Hey! What’s the big deal?


I’ve gotta shut you down, Miss.

It’s too dangerous.

Turpin turns and addressed the few remaining spectators.


I suggest that you all go find somewhere

inside to wait out this storm.


Like hell! I’ve got every right to be out


Leslie stomps across the stage and hops down to stare at Turpin.


Do you have any idea who I am?


I don’t care who you are. This storm

is getting pretty nasty, so I suggest you

get inside before it gets worse.


No way! I was on a roll. Get out of my way.

Leslie shoves past Turpin. He takes a few steps back and watches as Leslie reaches to turn on the soaking wet sound equipment.

Thunder shakes the area once again and the lightning strikes a nearby tree setting it on fire. The crowd scatters, heading towards the nearest buildings. Leslie pauses for a moment and watches the people running around.

Kara surveys the area before ducking behind a wall.

The cops, including Turpin attempt to calm the crowd, directing them to safety. Leslie takes this opportunity to try and switch on the sound system. The second her hand hits the button an electric current runs through the sound equipment and shocks Leslie. She shakes from the force of it for several moments before dropping to the ground.

The fire from the tree has spread and caught the stage on fire.

Turpin witnesses Leslie’s electrocution and carefully makes his way to her. He kneels down and checks her pulse.

TURPIN (shouting)

Call an ambulance!


2 thoughts on “Supergirl

    1. I hadn’t either until this guy showed up. It was a really strange year or so. Then he just vanished. Poof! Can’t find any info on him. Name was false. ID was false. Someone else he’d tried to rip-off hired a PI. They couldn’t find him.

      Effing creepy. But so glad I kept my script to myself.

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