Unleashing Aksel

Normally I hate to give content warnings, but Aksel is… special. He was created to be as horrific as I could manage. Compared to some of the things he’s done, this is tame.

Sensitive people should probably not read the second half of this post. No, this is not a joke. I’m actually afraid someone will take offense.

You’ve been warned. Now meet Aksel. . .

“What the fuck are you looking at, kid?”

The unmistakable stench of fresh urine wafted through the air. The trembling teenager continued to stare stupidly at the looming figure just a few yards away. His eyes glazed over, as though his brain were trying to shut out what he was seeing, trying to make it less real. Trying to pretend the guy in front of him didn’t just tuck a pair of bat wings behind his back while blood dripped from his clawed hands.

Nope, not real. Total rabbit hole insanity there.

“Get out of here or you’ll be next!” The figure roared before he scooped up a coil of mud-coated intestines and flung the slippery mess at the teen.

The intestines smacked against the stunned kid’s chest with a meaty splat. One end snaked around his arm and hung there looking like a wet feather boa. Aksel chuckled and made a mental note; next time he needed a new fashion accessory, intestine was the way to go. The pink set off the kid’s pale skin and bulging eyes perfectly.

It took the teenager a few seconds to realize what hit him. Once he could get enough air in his lungs, he let out a series of ear-piercing shrieks. Flapping his arm around wildly, he shook the coil of intestines loose and wasted no time in hauling ass out of the parking lot.

Apparently sopping wet pants do not hinder humans when scared shitless. Aksel had to remember that for future use.

He gave a brief moment to mourn for a second helping of flesh lost before kneeling down to gather his shit. Aksel wiped a long, black handled knife clean on the sleeve of his ruined silk shirt and tucked it into a custom ankle sheath. Demon skin. If he morphed to his natural form, the leather would shift with him. Otherwise he’d own stock in sheaths and holsters for his weapons. Leather pants hid the bulge from the knife perfectly. Who said demons didn’t know how to accessorize?

As an after thought he picked up his Beretta and slid it back into the shoulder rig. The stupid fuck lying on the ground, and on the grass to the left, and on the car on the other side of the parking lot; he thought it’d be smart to try and grab the gun. Like bullets would have done any god damned good. Aksel carried it because humans were so easy to kill with it. So were supernatural beings that started out human, unlike him. There wasn’t a human bone in his body, unless you counted the one digesting in his stomach.

Someone’s momma should have taught him that guns don’t do shit to demons.

“Stupid motherfucker. I told you to not to run.” He growled and gave one last hard kick to the shredded remains of the shapeshifter he’d torn apart.

What looked to be a finger separated from the bloody mass and went sailing through the air. Something attached to the finger glinted as it caught the moonlight before the digit disappeared into the tall grass behind the parking lot. Giving a curse, Aksel followed after and spent a few miserable minutes stooped over searching through the grass, broken glass and used condoms scattered around the unkempt acre of land. The lot made a great home base. With a condemned warehouse, its own parking lot, and no neighbors thanks to the field of tall grass, he could bring work home with no fear of being caught.

Except for that stupid kid.

Aksel shook his head. He should have wiped the kid’s memory before letting him go. Fortunately what he saw was so far outside the realm of normal that no one would believe him. The idiot would be locked in a padded cell before the week was out. Shit, it might take the demon that long to find the ring he’d kicked into the field.

After fifteen minutes of sifting through filth he spotted the stupid thing and scooped it up. The ring weighed more than the finger it was attached to. Most of the weight came from the massive stone set in the gold band. The ruby was carved with the family crest of whatever the fuck sort of furry thing he’d slaughtered.

“You will fetch a pretty penny. Good thing ol’ whatshisname doesn’t need you any more.” He smirked and tucked the ring, complete with finger, into the pocket of his leather pants.

Aksel gave a glance at the mess left in the parking lot. Unlike vampire kills, this mess wouldn’t poof into ash when the sun hit the horizon. Putting a clause in his contracts about body disposal would be ideal. Maybe for the next go-round.

Big boots ate up the ground, taking the demon back to the mass of lycan splashed over the parking lot. What came next was really going to suck. Aksel sank his bare hand down into the warm meat. His powers flared to life, making his hand glow. The power leap-frogged around, connecting every piece of his target’s body together with faint blue lines. Everything except the finger in his pocket. He needed that fucker. Another push of raw power set the body fragments aflame.

Exhaustion clawed at the back of Aksel’s brain, trying to drag it down his spine. He needed to replenish what he used for the cleanup before trying to collect on his payment.

He flipped his wrist over and wiped a speck of blood of the face. Midnight. Still plenty of time left to grab a few drinks and a whore or two. Just what the doctor ordered to revive his demonic ass.

Hot, sticky, wet. If only a girl felt this good wrapped around him. Gods, Aksel would lose his mind in an instant. Too bad the only females throwing themselves his way were used up whores. His power attracted them like moths to a bug zapper. Years of abuse to their bodies had left them flapping in the wind and as dry as the Sahara. Nothing satisfying about plunging into those depths.

That was why he started to create his own holes to fuck.

Hot, hot blood gushed from the slit he’d been fingering. The first lesson he learned was to test his new pleasure first. Nothing sucked worse than jamming your dick in a strange hole and hitting it against bone. No bones in this blood soaked pleasure hole, though. It sat just below her ribs, all puckered and waiting for him to take her.

Aksel’s dick throbbed in anticipation as the woman’s slowing heartbeat pumped another spurt of blood out. It dripped off the table she sprawled across and onto the toe of his boot. He didn’t give a damn. By the time he was done with her he’d be covered head to toe with the red nectar.

The surge of energy from feeding on her essence would ensure he could manifest new clothes. It would also keep his ass awake enough to collect payment from the contract. He patted his pocket. Someone was going to pay a pretty penny for the ring he’d “found”.

The pit pat of blood on the concrete floor began to match his own trembling heartbeat. Maintaining a humanistic form while this excited tested the hard-won control Aksel was so proud of. While taking the female in his true form would be satisfying, it was more so in the vulnerable form he assumed on his trips to the human realm. The thick scales he’d been created with just weren’t made for fucking.

Aksel chuckled deeply as he remembered the first time he’d surfaced in search of something more sporting than demon females. They were worse than human whores. Demanding bitches too. A male had to fight just to mount her. Even then there was no guarantee of his release. If the female thought a male wasn’t good enough he’d be missing both heads before he could blink. Satisfying demon females was damn near a death sentence.

His first. Man that human was a piece of work. The woman stumbled on him before he could attempt to take on a human form. Her screams still danced in his wettest of dreams. She was all packaged up in a corset. If he didn’t know Jesus was a quack, he’d have sworn the guy sent her as an early Christmas present. There was even a big red bow resting on the top of her bustle-covered ass. The woman passed out when she couldn’t draw air fast enough to catch up with her ringing screams. It was all too perfect.

That was ages ago, when women weren’t so used up. Back then he could take a woman in the usual fashion and actually come.

A muffled groan slammed Aksel back to the here and now. Despite the blood loss this little chickie was still alive and kicking. Too bad he’d already cut her. It was damn hard to find a woman that could take so much abuse. The pretty little Goth girl would make a nice pet. He sighed inwardly and took his dick in hand, leading it to the bleeding slit in her side. Maybe the next one will be worth keeping.




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    1. I don’t know if I should be flattered or terrified that people keep asking to see more of Aksel. If I get time (after I finish the vampire series I am writing right now) Aksel may make another short visit to the blog.

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