You’ve noticed that I have been quiet over here again. I wish things were different. However, I’ve got some really fantastic, exciting, downright squeal-worthy news to share.

Which is why I’m making a rare non-story related post. *cue eerie music*

For the last four months my co-captains over at the Zombie Survival Crew™ have been busy putting together an anthology. We found the bulk of the content via a contest on the website and some simply amazing stories and artwork came our way.

On top of that, we have a slew of contributors from AMC’s hit TV show The Walking Dead. Yes, you read that right. I’m still awestruck at that bit of news.

But… that’s not what has me a big ball of giddiness. My first actual published pieces of writing will be included in the anthology Undead is Not an Option. Three of the articles I’ve written for the ZSC are included. I’m totally jazzed.

We’re working on final details before putting the anthology up on the website for presale. Be sure to bookmark this page and check in to see when the presale happens. (UPDATE: The pre-sale is live! Act quickly and get the book for the $10 price)

*Squee!* When things settle down, I will try like hell to give you more of “Be Ours Forever”.  It kills me to not have enough time to devote to such a wonderful story. I apologize to everyone that’s been waiting for part 3 of that series.

Oh, if you use Facebook, please make your way over there and “like” my author page. That will be my go-to spot to post updates on writing progress and news on soon-to-be-published works.

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