Behind the Scenes

In lieu of another story, I’m letting you all take a peek into my current works in progress. Yes, multiple. I tend to work better that way.

Some of you know that I had some issues with my Internet this last week (and HUGE thanks to those that donated to help me this week). Not a big problem until you take into account that most of my day job work requires net access… so that left me with one option, work on my novels. (and at this point I am considering “Be Ours Forever” one of my novels.)

What did I write during my week off? Three chapters on Blood Legion. Four chapters on Titivillus’ unnamed manuscript. And approximately 3,000 words on the next segment (chapter) of “Be Ours Forever”.

Blood Legion is progressing slowly. This is mostly because I’ve grown hesitant to try and sell a vampire novel. Vampires have over-saturated the paranormal market. There’s been quite a bit of grumbling over people wanting to read something different. And while I know BL is different, it is still a vampire novel. At this point it has become a pet project of sorts. I love the characters. I’ve put a lot of work into building their world, but in order of importance, it’s down the list quite a bit.

Titivillus’ novel, however… that is something different. When I sat down this last week the demon gave me my best writing day so far this year (at 3,300 words in one sitting). Needless to say, they were a tad miffed with me since I haven’t given them proper attention in a few weeks.

This novel is doing something interesting. Normally I write a story for the blog not expecting the characters to go any further. That being said… there has been cross-over. Not one, but a few of the demons I’ve posted on this blog will in some way be involved in Titivillus’ novel. Won’t tell you which ones, though. That would ruin the surprise.

Last, but not least, “Be Ours Forever”. To be honest, I’m afraid of this story. Some of you have heard me say over and over again that BOF was only supposed to be a 10-15 page quickie M/M/F sex scene. And that’s the gods-honest truth. A good friend, Q, challenged me to write the scene. To make it easier on myself, I used vampires since I write those the best. However in the process of “romancing” my characters to get them in the mood to do the deed, they informed me that they would not cooperate with the afore-mentioned plan. They wanted more.


I allow my characters freedom, but never as much as the crew from BOF has gotten. It’s to the point where I’m working on the fifth segment and have No Bloody Clue what the elders are planning. They won’t tell me until I sit down to work on that specific section. All I know is its going to be bad… and Emerald is so excited she is dancing. Yeah, I know, I’m terrified.

BOF will have two more elders coming on stage for the fifth segment. Whether they are friend or foe for our trio… I don’t know.

I’m not putting a time frame on when the new segment will be posted (thus this behind the scenes look at my WIP). As complicated as I anticipate this scene to be, I want to make sure it is done right. Not just for you, readers, but for the characters. They deserve a well-done chapter and not something I threw together in a day or so just to make a posting schedule.

Hopefully this tides you over. If you want to keep a closer eye on my progress, follow my Twitter, @RCMurphy, or you can “Like” my page on Facebook for updates.


4 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Good for you, for doing all that writing. Sounds exciting and productive. And so mysterious. I sure want more of all of it, the writing process and the product. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Usually I try not to share too much of my process… mainly because then people will know just how insane I am. lol If I have time I’ll start doing a monthly update similar to this. The original idea was a video post, but that requires changing out of my work “uniform” of pajamas.

  2. LOL RC, I can’t stand to work in my pajamas, rather I pull on an old pair of jeans and a sweat shirt or tee shirt and go from there. If I wake up real early with writing on my mind all the better. I had a no computer day but read all day. It was fun and relaxing but no work got done. I haven’t had a good work day since my grand son left. Can;t seem to get in the groove. Having my illustrator break her contract was a kicker,too.

    1. I’ll be honest, I hate clothes. And summer where I live is a special sort of hell realm, even with air conditioning, so I tend to go with the “less is better” theory. That is, unless I’m actually going outside. lol

      Reading days are good. Important, actually. I’ve taken a few too many lately, but it helps keep Larry active.

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