Preview: Blood Legion

(I am unlocking this snippet again so folks can see a bit of the energy behind Blood Legion.)

“You want me to play bodyguard to who!?” William barked at the large male looming over him.

“I’m only saying this one more time. You are to guard her with your life. Got it? Or you can just take your ass right back out that door and go find someone else that’s going to cater to you demands. I’m here for them, not you. Got it?” the chief security officer snarled. He was well and truly tired of the drama that had taken stage in his office.

“Come on, Ray. She tried to run me over! How the fuck am I supposed to protect someone if their main goal in life is to kill me?” William protested loudly.

“If my opinion in this matter means anything, gentlemen, I don’t need a bodyguard, thank-you-very-much. So you can just send Skippy here back to Oz and I can get on with my business,” Vyvyan added, liking the whole ordeal a lot less than William.

“Vyvyan, give me some slack here. You know I am only doing what your father ordered, and he ordered me to find a well qualified man to watch over you in light of these new threats.” He leveled his eyes at her and met her glare with equal intensity. “I will not lose my job because you want to play princess bitch around the new guy.”

Vyvyan gawked at the CSO, her jaw flapping open and then snapping shut with a resounding thud. She knew that no matter how much she protested the new orders, it was going to happen. Her father’s number one priority was her safety. If that meant super gluing some idiot ex army nutjob to her side, then he’d do it. Never mind her opinion of the whole thing.

“Listen to her, Chief. She’s deadly with that car out there. Just lock her in the fucking thing twenty four-seven and stay out of her way. Any idiot willing to face her behind the wheel deserves a painful death.” William hated to admit that he and the psycho were on the same side in this instant.

“Stay out of this,” Vyvyan barked. “Its not your life that’s being dictated to you so just butt out and shut up until you are spoken to.” Hands on hips, she glared up at him. “Nod if you understand me. Or do I need to use smaller words?” She gave a mock pout.

“Are you always this abusive to those that are trying to help you? No wonder someone wants to kill you. Fuck, I want to kill you myself.”

The two stared at each other for a long, silent moment. A nuclear blast could have gone off in the backyard, yet they wouldn’t have budged. A war of wills was taking place and both were bound and determined to come out on top.

“Vyvyan Caldwell. This is not how I taught you to behave. I expected some resistance from you about this, but never did I expect to hear such foul language being used against one of my employees. You have disappointed me, daughter. Now, please apologize to Mr. Singher and let us move on with the rest of this meeting.”

The elderly Mr. Caldwell demanded attention the second he entered the room. His large frame filled the doorway. No one would have thought his true age to be nearly two thousand years old just by looking at him. If anything he wasn’t a day over forty. The man was scary-powerful. Lucky for all of them he wasn’t one to abuse that power. They’d all be nothing but little scorch marks on the hardwood floor after he was done with them.

Determined green eyes lost their light and dropped to the floor instantly. As always her father had called back the never ending well of anger that fueled and propelled Vyvyan through her every day life. Being a hard ass was what had gotten her the position she had at the lab, not some inane birthright her father passed down. She had the brains to back up her mouth. If only her colleagues would acknowledge it.

“I am sorry to disappoint you, father. But I well and truly feel that you are wasting not only your time, but his as well. There have been no threats made on my person, just the lab. I feel that I am safe. If you wish I could carry a weapon, but to ask this poor man to waste his days following me around as I work? It is a waste of his potential.”

William’s eyebrows shot up in surprise at Vyvyan’s change of tone. So all it took to cage the beast was daddy-dearest, huh? Better bring the old man along for the job. He could be a huge asset if the female ever got the wild urge to tattoo him to the grill of her car.


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