Blind as a Bat

Let me start by saying, I really wish I didn’t have to make posts like this. Unfortunately, being a very young writer with only one published piece of work pays… not a damn thing. My entire income comes from donations to this blog. I wish I were kidding.

That being said, I need new glasses. The ones I’m currently relying on are about 6 years old and the prescription is so out of date that I’m getting continuous headaches while working. If I can’t stand to read or write because of the headaches, I can’t work on things that could potentially pay. Ugh…

So here’s what I’m asking: if you can afford to, please drop a couple dollars in my Paypal fund. The “Please Donate” button on the right hand side of this blog is the easiest and fastest way for you to help me out. (or click HERE)

Once I get enough money, I promise to post a picture of the new glasses.

Thank you all for putting up with my weirdness as of late. Without my readers I’d be a crazy woman muttering to herself about demons and vampires.

Much love,



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