Sera’s Diary – Week 1

As some of you know, I’ve been working out at The Grove in their Bad Manor haunted house. The character I created to live out there is… interesting. She’s also very loud and very talkative. There’s no mute button for Sera. (and gods, do I wish there was one some nights…) Anyways, since she’s so amusing in person, I figured that each week I’d let her out to write in her diary. It’ll give you all something to read while I continue to work on “Withered”, my Halloween story.



Dear diary,

Tiny lived up to his name tonight and burnt himself on a light bulb. A light bulb! Can you believe it? I tried to convince him the only way his finger would stop hurting was to jump in the furnace, but he wasn’t buying it. Shame… no one wanted to play in my fire tonight. I just don’t get these people!




Dear diary,

Lots of people came out to play tonight. Almost tricked a few into crawling into the furnace, but then Red brought Rum out to cut them into manageable pieces and they ran off screaming. Story of my fricken life!  It’s only a chainsaw, how much can that hurt?




Dear diary,

Tonight I was yelled at for giggling. Giggling! If that mean lady doesn’t want to come play games with me, then she can just go play with Brooken. Brooken seemed really, really hungry. And sad. She doesn’t like when I take pieces of her mommy to keep the fire burning. But the fire can’t go out, it is too pretty to go out.



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