Sera’s Diary – Week 2

(Sera is the character I play at The Grove in their Bad Manor haunted house.)


Dear diary, 

Slow night for the monsters. A faulty chainsaw that decided it needed the night to snooze… or that could have been operator error. No one has ever said Tiny had a full set of crayons to color with. Brooken, our pet, tried to bite Tiny. Personally I don’t think he’d taste good, what with all that blood and dirt all over him. She didn’t seem to mind, though.



Dear diary,

I’m pretty sure that every guy they sent out back for me to burn up had a bad run-in with the doctor and he replaced their vocal cords with a females. That’s the only way to explain some of those high pitched shrieks they gave during our game of peek-a-boo. Pansies.



Dear diary,

I think Brooken has gone rabid. She chased a group of teenagers, snapping and growling after them until all five of them ran SMACK into the side of the furnace. Tenderized bodies to burn alive? How fancy!



Dear diary,

I’m so beautimous  that one poor, delusional plague victim tried to take me home to meet his fryer. What? A friar? Why on earth would I want to meet a holy man? I have standards, you know. No schmoe straight out of the sick house can woo me… unless he has a flame thrower. Oh, and his own fire truck. VROOM! Hee hee hee!



Dear diary,

Teenagers can fly. I’m not kidding. Tonight I watched at least ten teenagers grow wings and fly out of my back yard. One minute I heard Brooken give her warning growl, suddenly there’s a blur and the burlap on the far side of the yard is flapping. Gotta set a trap for them. Who am I supposed to burn if they keep running away? Inconsiderate people, jeeze!


BONUS: A local news station did a special story on The Grove. Below is a link to the video. Sera can be heard (and slightly seen) at the very end of the haunt footage. Her laugh is mixed in with the chainsaw noise.

KSEE 24 – The Grove: Visit if You Dare!


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