Let Me be Frank for a Moment…

The below rant is extremely out of character for me. However, I feel it needs to be addressed so that people can see the ramifications of the “games” they play on the internet. For some of us, this is not a game. This is our life and the games make it harder for us to live normally.

It started on a social media site. (don’t most of these things, honestly?) For two days I watched people bicker back and forth about this, today was when I finally snapped. (some of this is copied rants from my private Facebook page)

Veiled bisexual comments by heterosexuals just to get attention… method #67 to irritate Renee before she’s had breakfast. 

Ladies: if you are going to consistently admit to being attracted to other women, then come out of the closet. Otherwise, please, please stop being cock teases by saying, “If I swung that way, I’d hit it.” Men aren’t that easily impressed and the few that are, you don’t want to sleep with anyways.

“I’m doing it to show admiration for the woman in the photo.” By suggesting you’d sleep with her? That’s like a guy walking up and saying, “Nice tits, let me stick my dick between them.” Fucking lame excuse for attention whores.

Being bisexual isn’t “cool”. It isn’t a trend or fad. I’ve gotten more grief since coming out than ever before. People suddenly assume you are a whore because you have no gender preference for your partners. That’s not because of anything I did, but because of women like those mentioned above that think it’s neat to pretend to be someone they are not. THAT is where the stereotypes begin. Not with those who are actually living through the challenges of being “different”.

You want the statistics to prove that I’m not some uber slut? Fine. I wasn’t sexually active until I was 18. Since then I’ve slept with 5 men and 2 women. That’s it. Most of those encounters were with people I had a relationship with. Only one was a one-night-stand, which I do not regret.

That is my idea of normal. I don’t call myself bisexual to cover up half a dozen drunken mistakes. Bisexual women are not the girls you see at a house party downing one too many beers and then making out with their best friend. Except that one, I’ve courted the people I slept with, built some sort of connection. Like. You. Are. Supposed. To. Do.

If you can’t be mature enough to respect the people in your life who are dealing with the negativity associated with being bisexual, gay, transgendered… then maybe you should stop and take a long look in the mirror. What about yourself are YOU unhappy with that causes you to look down on the few that are doing their damndest to make a good life for themselves despite all the bullshit in society?

And if you can’t handle having the truth laid out under your nose, then maybe we shouldn’t be associated with each other. I am who I am. Take it or leave it, but never, NEVER try to shame me by playing your little social media games.


11 thoughts on “Let Me be Frank for a Moment…

  1. I’m proud of you! I’m an artist who appreciates beauty in all its forms (male/female) and sometimes and given the “you must be dirty/bisexual/whore” because I can appreciate the beauty of a person. I can only imagine having to deal with that on a permanent basis. You’re very brave and I’m proud to call you friend 🙂

    1. Thank you, Leona. It took me a while to come out, which is sad because I helped a lot of others come out to their families. Most of mine still don’t know, though I’ve stopped actually hiding it.

  2. Oh for pete’s sake!
    REALLY people?!?!?!?
    The global economy is in the shitter, there’s mass famine in the Horn of Africa, major scale environmental degradation, natural and manmade disasters, and a few pesky little wars going on….and *this* is how we’re going to spend our time…..
    Renee — you are a beautiful human being and I am both proud and honored to count you as a friend. Good on you for sticking to your guns, and for speaking up.

  3. Juliette, few people can see past their own lives. You know that. To have them realize the world is fucked would take a slap in the face and a miracle. LOL

    Renee, I love you. I don’t care about your sexual orientation, the color of your skin, or anything else anybody would nit pick about. You’re a wonderful, beautiful woman with an awesome sense of humor, a whole lot of dedication to whatever you put your mind to, and I’m proud to call you friend.

    Never give up, never surrender (yes, I’m a geek).

  4. Winter Arcane

    Isn’t this essentially shaming and judging people with the fact that you’re shamed and judged to justify it? You’re not even bashing the people bashing you, you’re bashing people who you feel are to blame for the bashing others give you. That doesn’t seem cool to me, or productive.

  5. Since I’m behind a computer screen, just take a moment to imagine me giving you a long, slow, well-deserved round of applause. Very, very well said, Renee, and I agree with every word. As a pansexual female myself, I understand the frustrations of the idiotic girls who just throw the words around to hide something about themselves or to “fit in”. I’m so glad someone finally had the balls to call it out.

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