Sera’s Diary – Week 3

(Sera is the character I play out at The Grove’s Bad Manor, located just outside Sanger, CA.)


Dear diary,

How did I know today was Monday in a nifty Wednesday disguise? The chainsaw caught on fire. Fire is pretty. Really pretty. All that orange and yellow dancing together as it spreads, bringing more partners into their fiery ballroom… where was I? Oh, flaming chainsaw. See, its not supposed to do that and Tiny got freaked out. Such a male. Anyways, he put the fire out. I spent the whole night pouting about it. Fire killer!



Dear diary,

No flaming chainsaws, sadly. But! We did have a couple of zombies shuffle through late tonight. Their keepers over at the hayride must have let the leashes slip. Thank goodness I wasn’t bit! Human flesh tastes funny, and not just because I took a bite out of Giblets the clown for making a joke about my mummy. Some other weirdos walked into my yard after that. Is it a full moon or somethin’?



Dear diary,

My not-so-little brother, Smoky, came out to play tonight. We played hide-and-go-seek with the funny screaming people and Rum, our favorite chainsaw. Why’s he called Rum? ‘Cause he says, “Rum, rum, rum, ruuuuuuuuuuuum!” when you pull his cord. The people didn’t like our game very much. Before I could so much as open the furnace door, they ran off. How rude!



Dear diary,

I am now the proud owner of… a blinky light! These things are too dang cool. You stick ’em on your clothes and they go blink, blink, blink, blink, blink! So awesome and I didn’t have to threaten to burn anyone to get it (unlike last night when one poor soul honestly thought she’d escape certain death by giving me the blinky light in her hair. As if!). I think I’ll sleep with my light tonight and hug it and squeeze it and call it George.


P.S. Blinky lights RULE!


Dear diary,

Today I met an honest to goodness firefighter. Isn’t that exciting? I wanted to keep him so he could play with Smoky and I, but he had a tumor growing out of his back… uhm, I mean a girlfriend who was afraid I’d burn  her alive if she didn’t play our game with Rum the chainsaw. On another note: SPOON! That is all.



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