Sera’s Diary – Week 4

(This is the last week of diary entries from my favorite pyromaniac, Sera, who makes her home at The Grove in their Bad Manor haunted house.)


Dear diary,

Today was a special day. They let me play early, so long as I promised not to set the bright, shiny news camera on fire. We could have used the warmth, though. Five o’clock in the morning is really, really cold. After we played with the handsome news man, they let our normal screaming friends in to play. My furnace was only slightly busy tonight. A shame, really.



Dear diary,

I guess our puppy, Brooken invited a friend over to play in her pit of bodies tonight. When I decided to play peek-a-boo with potential friends, (pre-burning, of course) I ran into a werewolf! Fur and all. It was really strange since Brooken never mentioned being a social beastie. Maybe I should tie one of my friends up for her to play with from now on so she won’t get lonely… or hungry.



Dear diary,

I don’t understand rude people at all. Here I am doing a public service and they yell at me. How dare they? If I wasn’t there to burn the bodies, first f all it would smell really, really bad. Secondly, they’d all catch the Sick, or whatever it is that’s made the people in the house all weird with puss dripping down their faces. (Yick!) I know I don’t want to get sick, so why would they willingly walk in, get infected, then yell when I try to cure them? We all know, fire is the only acceptable cure for the Sick.



Dear diary,

The Brooken puppy isn’t allowed to have sugar any more. She snuck into our candy stash, gobbled it alllll up, then ran around growling like crazy until the only noise she could make was a itty-bitty squeak. Squeaks are not scary… unless you’re afraid of clowns and they squeak their horn. I’m developing a sensitivity to clowns, what with Giblets wandering in whenever his painted self feels like it. Oh and not to mention all the abuse I take from Sassy. Now that I think about it, there’s a shortage of nice people at the house. Must have burnt them all first.



Dear diary,

Because I know you’re curious… Gumby doesn’t burn. He just kinda melts into a puddle of goop at the bottom of the furnace and boils until all that’s left is a black and green splotch. It did provide ample entertainment waiting to see how he’d burn up and the colors were really pretty. Now if only I’d caught that one woman in the Catholic school girl uniform, bet she’d scream well in the fire. They all scream, some just better than others. Heehee!



Dear diary,

Breakout! We have some really forgetful keepers. They left all of the cages unlocked after closing tonight and, well… the monsters may have overrun the midway. No one can confirm or deny if any of the fun-screaming people were eaten, but I’m pretty sure I saw Slappy and Spot using finger bones to clean their teeth after. Oops? Look at it this way, now there’s more toys to play with next year!



Happy Halloween, fellow weirdos!!!


R.C. (and Sera!)

(Sad to say, Sera has to go back in her cage now. Thank you all for reading our adventures in scaring the pants off of people. Who knows, maybe Sera will find another way to come out and play again soon.)


2 thoughts on “Sera’s Diary – Week 4

  1. I enjoyed reading your diary… maybe next year we can get something to baste all those screamers with, and share their flesh among the rest of the monsters. Hmmm, kind of a pot luck… kind of.

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