Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, it’s that day… the one that every single woman dreads (okay, some men do as well) Valentine’s Day. Don’t sulk. Suck it up. Just think of it this way, you can spend the day doing something YOU want to do instead of striving to please someone else. Take care of #1 first, folks.

You’ll notice, there’s no new story. Uhm… sorry. I intended to have an Aksel story for you, but as with everything involving him, it got complicated.

“Only because you didn’t listen to me, RC.” Aksel leans against the door frame, black eyes glowing in the laptop light.

I listened! You are the one refusing to tell me why you’re doing what you are doing in that story.

“Told you before, I don’t share my secrets.” He flicked a burnout cigarette butt my way and vanished.

See what I’m working with? Anyways… If dipshit behaves, you guys will have a new Aksel story this week. I’m also working on the final chapter of “Be Ours Forever” to hopefully release before the month is over.

If you haven’t been watching my Facebook page, I announced last week that “Be Ours Forever” will be adapted into an ebook. It’ll be paired with a short called, “Breakfast with a Werewolf”. The ebook version will have additional scenes AND I’ll probably add an entire new chapter, just to spice things up. Also, I will begin working on a prequel novella for “Be Ours Forever” starring Jarlan and his wife, Meghan. Wee!

Figured in lieu of a story, I’d update you all on what’s going on in RC Land. Have a great day and eat some chocolate for me!


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