Link Dump

I really don’t like doing these as they go against the format I’ve set for this blog. Unfortunately as I delve deeper into promoting myself, they’ve become a necessary evil. And I thank you all for not revolting. A new story is in the works, starring one of my favorite characters. I’m not saying who He is just yet. 

On to business! I spent last weekend in Dallas, TX with my co-commanders from the Zombie Survival Crew and some folks you *may* know from The Walking Dead (little-known TV show you probably have no clue about… haha!). My photos from the event can be found on my Facebook Fan Page.  (More photos will be up on the ZSC site soon.)

A couple months ago I must have suffered serious brain damage because I allowed Aksel to create his own Twitter account. Right now he uses it mostly to harass me, but as we’re able, we will post quickie stories in 140 format. As usual for Aksel, he is not really appropriate for anyone under 18 or possessing a shred of sanity.  

I know I mentioned it before, but don’t forget that my story “The Tower” is featured in Forever Nocturne e-zine. The e-zine is free to download on any device. I put it on my Nook, George, and it looks wonderful. Also, this is the only place you will be able to read that particular story. It is a modern fairytale twist on the origin of vampires, with a little romance thrown in to heat things up. 

On the Big Girl Writer front: I’m the process of plotting out a new novella (?). When I’m done getting that story settled, I will begin the major edits for Be Ours Forever.

That being said, I need to sort out a way to cover any possible costs before I can release the e-book version. Donations are still welcome. There is also my Etsy shop, Murphy’s Miscreations. And I’m always willing to entertain ideas readers have as to how they’d like to help.  

 Huge thanks to the readers that have supported me thus far. You are the reason I can get up each day and continue to jump head-first into these fantastical worlds and deeply troubled characters. Look for that new story by the end of the month. 


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