Declining Faith In Humanity

It is no secret that when things get extra weird, my pals over at the Zombie Survival Crew throw a pillow at my head and ask me to write up an article or two about certain events. Last week we saw not one or two, but three horrific incidents that required our attention (though I only wrote up two of them).

I like to think I’m pretty desensitized to horrific situations. Dad was an EMT and I spent a good chunk of my childhood looking through his training materials. What I didn’t see there, I picked up in horror movies, thriller novels, and true crime novels. Okay, so my parents weren’t too strict on what I read as long as there wasn’t sex involved. I’m thankful for it. That knowledge is the backbone of all my stories.

Fast-forward back to the here-and-now. I just spent a week wallowing in some of the most shocking things I’ve seen actual humans do to each other. There is a disconnect I can hide behind when writing things that make most people set the book aside and go vomit up their lunch. But knowing that a person is capable, even under the influence of drugs (reportedly), of ripping apart another man’s face and eating it…

I’m done with humanity.

No really. I want to throw in the towel and go for a long hike off a short cliff. We’ve been at war since I graduated high school. The people we’ve trusted to make the right decisions to help us recover as a country are too busy fighting like grade school students. And now motherfuckers are eating each other. That doesn’t even include the other horrors mankind has dabbled in across the globe. If I stopped to consider all of those, the result wouldn’t be pretty.

Frankly, I’m tired of waking up to bad news. What happened to the idea of celebrating life? Some how in the last ten years joy and pleasure have been replaced with terror and pain. It is reflected in the art being produced. Look at the comedy movies that have come out as of late. They aren’t all that funny. They’re just… wrong–pushing the disgusting elements of humanity to the surface and daring us to laugh at it.

I don’t want to laugh. I want to weep.

Maybe I’m too exhausted from my writing deadlines. Perhaps I’m not as desensitized as I originally thought. Or maybe, just maybe, the world really is going to shit and come December some mythical band of bastards on horses will mow us all down.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go crawl in a cave and work. Might as well try to finish something in the time we have before humanity destroys everything.


6 thoughts on “Declining Faith In Humanity

  1. NL Gervasio

    1) What took you so long? I lost faith in humanity years ago! 2) Funny, I have a post titled the Fall of Humanity, but haven’t posted it yet. 3) don’t mind me, I’m speaking in numbers today for some strange reason. Ask Leona Bushman. LOL

  2. I stopped watching/reading news years ago. Not that I don’t like to be informed, but when news (which in my childhood I found to be boring) turned into part of the entertainment industry, I gave up on it. And I’ve always had someone who has let me know those things I’m interested in… and of course, now I have Twitter.

    I chose to give up on the reports of the baser side of humanity simply because dwelling on it for too long causes things like meltdowns. (And yes, I know I’m one of the people who tossed you a horrific story to dig into – but like you can put things aside and look at them clinically when needed.)

    I’ve never given up my faith in humanity, although it has been tried severely on a number of occasions. And here’s why…with all of the horrific things that man perpetrates against man (and animals), I always find something to give me hope. I don’t go looking for it because that is usually a ticket straight to finding more unsavory acts of unkindness and worse. But somehow I always run across something which brightens the day and restores my faith.

    Last week people were eating each other and more… this week, I saw the joy on a two-year-old’s face when he heard his mother’s voice for the first time. ( The fact that pure joy can still be experienced means humanity is not totally lost.

    1. NL Gervasio

      I do lose faith in humanity quite a bit, but someone somewhere gives me hope now and then, and I can’t deny it. But most days, I wish for an apocalypse…

      Nee – you can’t let shit like this get to you on that level. A meltdown is not good over news reports, which I agree with LK, are part of the damn entertainment industry now. BBC only for me…and Twitter. Besides, you’re a ZSC Commander! How’s that gonna look? =p

      1. I’ll be the old, haggard, jaded commander that scares the pee out of new recruits with tales of using a zombie’s spinal column to slaughter twelve other undead bastards before an accident claimed two fingers on my left hand.

    2. The horrible news stories paired with my personal stress sent me over the edge. Normally I can distance myself and just shake my head. My guard was down and NO amount of corgi puppies could save me.

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