S.O.V. – Save Our Vacation

Yup, I’m still editing. About two-thirds of the way through Be Ours Forever right about now. But that’s not why I’m posting.

In exactly one month it will be my [NUMBER REDACTED] birthday. This year I begged my family to put off our yearly vacation until July so that we could go to San Diego Comic-Con as a birthday/vacation double whammy. Of course, in the process of getting ready for the convention, things have changed and it is starting to look like we won’t be able to afford our hotel for the weekend.

I’m reaching out to you, dear readers. Please help me save our vacation. There’s a few ways you can be of assistance.

First: Purchase something from the Murphy’s Miscreations Etsy shop

Or: Share the link to the Etsy shop your social media outlets

Or: Send a donation via Paypal  

My pride is seriously taking a blow on this one. I thought that I’d be able to get the money easily over the last couple of months and it has just… poured out of our pockets in a series of  problems. (Do we REALLY need water this month? Oh, someone stole the lawnmower? Awesome…) You guys understand, right?

Thank you so much to the readers that have helped me in the past. I wish that I didn’t have to beg for help to do things like this. But it is a case of the universe working against our well-intended plans.

Feeling petty, I’ll leave you to help if you wish and resume working on the ebook.


2 thoughts on “S.O.V. – Save Our Vacation

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