Team Pam All The Way

The second episode from the rather “interesting” season five of True Blood proved to be a little more coherent than the premiere last week. However, it still leaves fans of the novels scratching their heads. A lot. Oh and drinking. A lot. Have you caught on to the routine I utilize while watching the show?

1. Send kid to bed.

2. Pour rum and coke. (double-shot, please)

3. Turn on TV.

4. Stare blankly at the flashy images on screen and occasionally yell at the characters.

5. Pour another rum and coke.

Hey, if a system works, don’t break it. But I saved the best of my yelling to share with you guys in my newborn review segment. You are so lucky.

I’ve got to be honest, I have no god damned clue about where they are taking Tara. She is… significantly different from the seasons before. Then, she’d be in an episode in three scenes and have the bulk of the dialog. This time she ended up in half the episode with one line. The changes they’ve made to her aren’t appealing. I liked the old Tara and I don’t adapt to change well at all. Yes, I’m sulking. Deal with it.

The Authority story line is  very predictable. Very. Fucking. Predictable. I called lines before they were said on screen. Knew how the interrogation scenes would play out. Everything.

Now, I’m a very clever girl. I write for a living, so sometimes I can see what’s coming utilizing my creative mind. However, I’m pretty sure even stale chewing gum stuck to the underside of a bus bench knew what would happen in the Authority meeting hall long before it happened. And that is sad, really. Some of my favorite character actors have snagged roles as Authority vampires and they won’t be used to their full potential.

Steve Newlin’s  new outlook on life… (uhm, unlife?) has me both cracking up and curious. Steve was an unreliable character. As far as I’m concerned, he still is. Who turned him? How much of the story he told Jason last week is the truth and how much was fabricated to garner pity? He’s got his face plastered all over TV again. A prime position for someone to hold if they, say, want to expose vampires as the bloodthirsty beasts that they really are (ala Mr Edgington pre cement spa treatment).

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last. Finally, the writers are giving fans a taste of who Pam was before Eric made her a vampire. We got clues about of her past in previous seasons, but this episode gave us our first Pam flashback–with a really hot shot of Eric that will linger with me for a while. Pam’s always been a favorite of mine, now she’s getting the depth of character to help fans fall head-over-heel for her.

Did I mention the corset? *purrs* Yeah, she looked damn near edible.

I am heartened to see one book story line progressing through the drastic change in story lines, but we’ll talk about that next week after yet another set of characters are introduced. This should be a fun one if they keep it true to what’s been established.


2 thoughts on “Team Pam All The Way

  1. I guess I have the luxury of not having read the books yet. I’ve heard there have been a TON of changes. I’m just glad they didn’t kill off Lafayette in the show. He’s too awesome of a character! =)

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