See Sookie. See Sookie Screw Up.

The season five plot lines are finally starting to make sense… well, mostly.

Jason’s story arc for this episode in particular left me looking at the TV like a confused chihuahua. I get it. The writers are scrambling to salvage a character that for the most part is just a sexual device that’s been used to spice up boring episodes or counterbalance someone that is far too intelligent to be stomached on their own and keep viewers interested. But to take him where they did at the speed they did feels forced. It is too sudden of a revelation for us to muster up sympathy, let alone understand how Jason feels about his life. They’re ripping the rug out from under the root of who Jason is. Why? To make a relationship with Jessica work? What about Hoyt? He obviously is far from over her. This is the weirdest love triangle I’ve seen in a while.

Speaking of triangles, they might lack a Sookie in the equation, but Eric and Bill still end up finding ways to interconnect their lives, be it past or present. This may be a female take on what is being done with the men while in Authority custody, but it made me… uneasy. There is a level of dishonesty mingled in with what should be fun moments that sour it for me. Or maybe that is the point. Hell if I know any more. Just when I think I know what the writers are trying to say, they change their tune. It’s like trying to figure out a bipolar woman during PMS. That shit isn’t happening without a truckload of chocolate and a lot of wine.

Gonna jump into the meat and potatoes of the episode–Sookie fucking up. Again.

You’d think someone who spent her entire life listening to what others think would have a little more tact when dealing with certain subjects. Honestly, Sook… you lied to two of the men you love the most. I don’t know who looked more betrayed, Sam or Alcide. She hurt both of them in places where it’d sting for a damn good long time. By the time we reach the mid-season mark Sookie will resort to blow-up men to get her rocks off.

No one really can blame her for shooting Debbie. Well, Alcide can and will. But he wasn’t there. He didn’t see what we saw and Sookie completely screwed up her chances to convey to him just how dire the situation was when she pulled the trigger.

She’s too hard on herself. Sookie admitted before that she paused to think before taking the shot. That’s a load of afterthought bull crap. Yes, she paused while standing over Debbie, but in the end Sookie knew if she didn’t put the bitch down that she’d be back to ruin her life some more.

Debbie was an addict and worse, a believer. She believed in Coot and Russell and their BS that werewolves can be better when under the influence of a vampire. She believed that Sookie and Alcide were knocking boots with absolutely no evidence. And if I remember correctly, she found God for a blink while pretending to be Suzie Homemarker for Alcide. That sort of personality clings to anything they can sink their belief into to give them purpose in life. And at that moment, Sookie knew Debbie believed that killing her would be the only way to make her world right again.

It wouldn’t be one of my reviews without taking a moment to ogle Pam. Actually this week, while she did have killer outfits (or lack of them… rawr) on, the moment that really stuck with me was a flash across the screen. Pam in her horrendously pink coffin weeping while she remembered her first encounters with Eric.

Pam, for all of her brashness and bravado is rather sensitive. I’m really falling for her more and more as we see how she was turned and how she reacts to not having her maker by her side. Not so he can protect her, but so she can protect him.

Pam is like me. If you are one of mine–my friend, my family, my lover–I keep you safe as best as I can with the means at my disposal. It makes identifying with her a lot easier knowing that is how she feels for Eric.

Next week the shit-eth hit-eth the fan…eth. Again. The tension is so ramped up for season five, it is hard to see how they won’t blow their load too early. But as always, I sit back and wait to see what the True Blood writers pull out of their collective backside.


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