Vacation – Updated

For those keeping track on Twitter and Facebook, the fund raising efforts for my family’s trip to San Diego Comic-Con are not going well and life is having a good ol’ laugh at yours truly. Namely the fact that we’ve had two break-ins on our property this week alone, costing god-knows-what in antiques, tools, and memories.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what I can do, other than jewelry sales, to get money and do it in a way that doesn’t trip my massive guilt meter.

Idea #1: This came from a friend. His original suggestion was Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but I shot those down because there isn’t enough time. The part of his idea I did like was adding donors names to a Thank You page in the ebook for Be Ours Forever.

Idea #2: Donors would be the first to see the cover for Be Ours Forever. I’d have to work out how, exactly, to make that happen. It can’t be that difficult, right? (Stop laughing, I know I’m a techo-nitwit!)

Idea #3: Donors would receive a copy of Be Ours Forever free-of-charge once the ebook is released.

Not entirely sure which of these will work. But I have until July 9th or thereabout to raise enough money to be able to pay for gas to get us to San Diego and back. Let me know which of these you would prefer, readers and donors.

Any extra money will go towards production costs for Be Ours Forever, as well as bookmarks and possibly bookplates to use in giveaways. Sounds fair?

Yes, I’m still struggling with the guilt thing. I can’t even use the ploy of, “Donate and say it is my birthday gift” without wanting to stab myself in the eye with a spork. It is my nature. I can’t take handouts when I am usually the one helping others.

And since I’m rambling, I’ll give a BOF update. The book is currently with my good friend Jinxie, who is presumably simultaneously ripping it to shreds and laughing hysterically.  I’m looking for something to use as the cover art and I think I found a couple contenders last night. Just gotta figure out how to make the idea reality. I miss my bloody copy of Photoshop.

No release date yet. That is pending edits and cover art, really. I will hesitantly say end of July. My goal was July 1st, but seeing as that is in three days…not going to happen. Sorry, guys!

There will be more BOF updates as I get closer to unleashing the shiny, new version on the world. I added in a whole new chapter and a lot of other stuff to make it awesome. Waiting to share it with you all is killer.


One thought on “Vacation – Updated

  1. You need to call me this weekend, or I need to call you. Whichever. I have some ideas. Also? I’ll design your cover…for free. Yes, I said FREE. I’ll explain on the phone. Send me the images you have, with copyright info. Also send me the blurb so I have it. Don’t ask why; just do it.

    Love ya, hita!

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