Remember The Fairies? Yeah, Me Neither.

Talk about grasping for friggen straws to reconnect the television series to the books… Which is really inconvenient since I JUST convinced myself to see them as separate universes with similar characters.

This week’s episode of True Blood took us back into fairy. Only this time it wasn’t a cocktail-party-gone-wrong all mushed up with an episode of the original Star Trek TV show.

I knew early in the show that Jason and Andy would be finding the fairy strip club. Don’t ask me how. It just felt like the thing that should happen after they teased fairies last week. They did, you ask? Yes. Jessica chased a fairy into the field. For those that haven’t read the books: fairies smell friggen awesome and taste even better to vampires. Think of them as cookie dough ice cream topped with caramel, whipped cream, peanuts, and a cherry.

Damn, I made myself hungry.

Anyways… The whole fairy thing feels like the writers couldn’t figure out what the hell to do with them. We haven’t covered that aspect of the plot since Andy shacked up with whats-her-name last season. Even then, the moment was damn-near forgettable. Unless you were like me–completely scarred by seeing Andy Bellefleur having a sexual moment. (Though I’m still giggling about his ass ending up on Facebook. Andy will henceforth be known as “Sweetcheeks” in my mind.)

What the hell is up with Lafayette? I mean… really? The new look isn’t that hot. Okay, this segment is difficult to write up without giving spoilers. That’s the best I can do without fear of being “that chick” ruining things for the folks that don’t have HBO and have to wait to see. See? I am nice, damnit.

I’m going to skip straight to my absolute favorite part of this week’s episode–Pam and Eric.

First, I need to qualify this by saying that, as much as I love the show, True Blood rarely brings me to tears. I’ve cried over Game of Thrones, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries (NO JUDGING), but never True Blood… until tonight.

Alex Skarsgard and Kristin Bauer are amazing actors. They were handed characters that have to treat each other as peers, family, and lovers–all without it coming across awkward and incestuous. And they pull it off with style (can I have ALL of Pam’s corsets from this season, please?). Alex did an amazing thing at one point with not being able to meet Kristin’s eyes during a *very* important moment. I was already invested in the moment because of what Kristin poured into Pam, but seeing him do that…I lost it.  Call me a sap, but those two make the show for me.

Though Alcide and his growls are mighty tempting. But that’s a discussion for another day. Today belongs to Eric and Pam.

Next week we’ll discuss the shifters, weres, and all of their baggage. I have a feeling I know where the writers are going with Sam’s discovery during this episode.


4 thoughts on “Remember The Fairies? Yeah, Me Neither.

  1. It made me cry too!!! God, I love them BOTH in this season. I’m loving what we’re seeing about Pam, and she has the BEST lines, I swear! I’m so happy I got to meet her now! =D

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