Puke is Sexy

I almost missed the opening scene of this week’s episode of True Blood, and I’m very, very glad that I didn’t. It gave me the best laugh I’ve had all dang week. As well as my weekly dose of a topless Alcide. Yeah, if I weren’t Team Pam, I’d take a lick up those abs…

Did mention it has been a long, trying week? My brain isn’t quite with the program right now. This is going to be a rather interesting review.

Poor Lafayette. The guy can’t catch a break. His lover is murdered and the body vanishes before he can say his goodbyes. His cousin, the closest thing he had to a friend/sibling is a vampire that hates his guts. And let’s not forget the fact that his mother doesn’t have just a screw loose, but that woman blew up the screw-making factory and did a jig on the smoking rubble. Then there’s the demon, but I can’t say too much about that one. No clue how that’s going to work out in the long run, other than drive Lafayette even crazier.

Terry and his army bros… that story line has been somewhat disappointing. I’m all for bringing in new and shiny supernatural creatures to educate the masses, but this is just silly. Fans would get a lot more from watching human drama in this instance than bringing the “other” in to help deal with the realities of what can happen during wartimes. My generation in particular has seriously suffered from the current global altercations. It is a cop-out to blame the supernatural for something that could very well be all human. Yeah, it is a show with vampires, but the main character considered herself human, and still does despite the fairy crap.

Something about the Sam story line has me confused, and that is purely my fault because I mistakenly thought that the writers would tie what is going on back to the novels. But I can’t figure out how anyone knew what he is. Oh. Wait. Never mind. A light bulb just went off. Maybe that idea will actually pan out. (You’d think I’d learn not to try and predict what happens on this show. And you would be horribly wrong.)

Pam makes an awesome maker. Okay, she’s more like a step mother that didn’t want kids, but deals with them because, well, they’re there and she can’t exactly ignore them without consequences. She does the best she can with Tara, with none of the finesse that we’ve seen Eric use with her.

Oh and the little moment between Jessica and Tara? That’s how I talk to my friends about things like killing fictional characters.

I’m going to wrap this up by simply saying, it’s about fucking time the vampires got their ass in gear. We’re FINALLY seeing progress with The Authority, Bill, Eric, and Russel. That whole montage at the end pleased me greatly. It did go on a tad long, though. But, what ever. The plot is moving! That’s cause enough to have a celebratory drink.


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