ALL The Things

First off, you’ve probably noticed that there isn’t a True Blood review this week. With the insanity of our trip to San Diego Comic-Con and everything else, I have yet to watch this week’s episode. Yes, I know, bad fan. Will likely watch tonight, but I’m not sure if I will review it since the week is already halfway over.

Next, I’d like to thank everyone that purchased jewelry from Murphy’s Miscreations prior to my birthday on the 11th. Your help ensured that I could treat my family to a very nice vacation, far away from the miserable heat and stupidity of the city we live in. We did two days at Comic-Con, a day at Legoland (which the kiddo LOVED), and hit a few beaches to just goof off for a few hours.


Also, a lot of love to the folks that pre-ordered the paperback copy of Be Ours Forever. I have the print proof in my hands as we speak and will be ordering copies to sign soon. Regular paperback copies of BOF will go on sale in August.

And the most important bit of news for the day…

Be Ours Forever is now available in ALL e-book formats via Smashwords!!!!

I released it yesterday with a quiet whimper to kind of test the waters. For the rest of July, you can snag a copy for $.99 using the code: GC87B 

Keep an eye on Twitter (@RCMurphy) and my Facebook fanpage. I’ll be giving away free e-book copies of Be Ours Forever periodically throughout the week as a part of the release week celebration.

In the back of BOF is a preview on my next novel, Enslaved. I’m already a few chapters in and really enjoying these new characters.

But don’t fret, the new book does not mean an end to the Be Ours Forever crew. As of right now I plan to make that a novella series with a prequel and a sequel already floating around in my head.

If you’d like to see more of my vampires (and other creatures), show your support by promoting and buying my first book. This is how I make a living, folks. Without your help, I’ll be forced to *gasp* find a “real” job.

Print proof for BOF



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