This whole self-publishing thing has been a mixed bag. I got a lot of unexpected and very welcomed help from my friend, Jinxie, to get things rolling in the right direction as far as editing and formatting go. Without her, I’d still be crying in a corner. No, really.

After getting the files all loaded in their proper places, I thought I was done, with the exception of promotion. But oh no… it couldn’t be that damn easy.

Createspace has been a blessing. They did a great job with the print copy of Be Ours Forever and even put the book up on Amazon with no extra back flips and virgin sacrifices from yours truly. Heck, I’ve had more print sales than e-book sales. Why is that? Let me tell  you my nightmare this week…

Smashwords is a gigantic headache. They are *very* particular with formatting, first of all. It took two tries to get them to take BOF. Jinxie and I had the same, “Are you fucking kidding me?” moment after reading the reasons the first file was rejected. After that, they said the book was good to go. I could sell all the copies I want. Create coupons. Promote my little fingertips off. And in about 7-10 days they’d tell me if I made the Premiere Catalog (which, from my understanding, allows Smashwords to “ship” copies of the e-book to Big Boy sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble). Still waiting on word about the catalog. But in the meantime, I can’t sell a damn book.

No, really. I’ve had numerous reports that Smashwords is not processing payments. Readers emailed them last week to ask what is wrong. *I* emailed them on Friday to do the same. Still haven’t heard back from them with a solution. All I can to is tell people to read the sample pages or give away copies. None of which help me pay the bills or encourage people to review the book.

I’m at my wits end and currently looking for a way to fix this mess. The wonderful Skyla Dawn Cameron suggested an alternate site to host BOF on that covers all e-book formats. I need to figure out what all I to do for the new site.

All I can do at this point is apologize to the readers that have waited a long time to finally get a hold of BOF in its entirety. I’m doing what I can to get the e-book to you at last.

There’s nothing like a complete screw-up to piss all over an author’s first week of sales bliss.

To cheer myself up, I’m going to share a picture that made my YEAR. It’s taken me ages to meet the woman that has been my motivation to stay on the path to publishing, Sherrilyn Kenyon. I finally got to meet her at Comic-Con. There was mutual squeeing and inside jokes. May the gods bless Twitter for the opportunity to goof off with my idols online (instead of writing… oops?) 


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