All Over The Place

Kind of a catch up post… on top of the kinda catch up post I put up on Monday, when I visited Skyla’s blog and doused it in fairy… nectar. Yeah, that’s what we’ll call it for now.

On Tuesday my good friend Quamaine Byrd (finally) posted the interview I did with him right before Be Ours Forever released. Head over there and give it a read. You can actually see the last strand of my sanity dangling over a flame. I found it kind of amusing.

Quick Be Ours Forever update: The print book is up for sale on Amazon and Amazon UK. I called in a favor and sacrificed a goat to get stuff with the e-book going in a positive direction. More news on that by the end of the week. Maybe.

If you guys could, go over to Amazon and Like my author page. I guess it helps with exposure. Likewise, go give Be Ours Forever a Like and if you’ve had the chance to read it, please leave a review.

Jinxie and I will be designing BOF bookmarks. I hope to order those soon if I can find the cash. Once they’re in, I’ll do a contest of some sort for a couple signed bookmarks. Sound good?

Yeah, did you know that publishing one book doesn’t mean I’m a rich bitch? Actually, I’m broker now than while writing. Art has its own laws of physics and they’ve been riding me hard this month.

On that note, go buy jewelry. It helps me pay the bills, guys. I have to advertise it when I can. New items coming in this week. The shop currently ships to the US and UK. I will be adding in Canadian shipping soon. Other countries can message me via Etsy and request a certain item. I’ll change the listing for you.

Also, I do make custom jewelry. Just ask and I’ll do what I can to make it happen. I never ask for payment up front. You pay when you’re happy with what I’ve made for you.

Promo hour is done. I need to get back to plotting the next book, Enslaved. (Which you can see an exclusive preview of in the back of Be Ours Forever… *hint*)


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