True What?

I am going to be brutally honest, True Blood has lost me so much, I ended up crocheting through three-quarters of the newest episode. I did watch, but my full attention wasn’t devoted to what was happening on the screen.


Because the show has become utterly fucking predictable.

Even without seeing a good chunk of the action on the screen, I still knew who would do what, say what, and all that jazz. (No, there was not a musical moment, but there might as well have been for as far out in left field the show has gone.)

My huge issues with this season of True Blood is the fact that they took the leading males and separated them from the lead female for The Entire God Damned Season. I’m sorry. I know they are trying to do their own thing with these characters, but when it comes down to it, the books the show is based off of are a mix of paranormal, mystery, and romance.

You can’t have a romance when all of the romantic interests are secluded from each other. Throwing random pussy at Eric and Bill does not work. We’re supposed to believe that these men still have feelings for her some how? We can’t see it with their cocks in other women. Even if that pussy is apparently laced with vampire LSD. What? Huh? I don’t know…

Yeah, my internal censor took a vacation, folks. I’ve been trying to give the show some credit and it keeps letting me down in rather epic ways.

Except for Pam. Go Team Pam!

Cutting my review short this week. Unlike the vampires on the show, I actually have to sleep at some point tonight to go to a funeral Monday. Which, sadly, seems more exciting than re-watching this week’s True Blood to see what nudity I missed while crocheting.


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