Can You Ever Be Just Whelmed?

Oh True Blood…I tried to like you this week, I really did. But you insist on using tired, played out scenarios to try and sucker fans into feeling something for the characters again.

Quite frankly, I could care less if Bill or Eric get killed by Russell or any of their acid-tripping buddies in the Authority. I’ve said it before, the novels work because we get Sookie’s worry for everyone’s safety. Her concern drives the plot forward, often causing more harm than good, but hey, at least there is something personal at stake while reading. She doesn’t even acknowledge that they are gone and have been for weeks. If the main focus of the show doesn’t care, why should we?

I get it, you want to make Sookie independent from the males. It isn’t working. The fairy story line failed the first time it was brought up and it is failing again. I don’t give two shits about a bunch of fairies in sparkly costumes cloistered away in a pocket of fairy disguised as a strip club. They aren’t interesting. They aren’t a threat. They aren’t exactly helping Sookie and Jason. They’re just… set decoration with funny accents. If I wanted that, I’d ask for more scenes with the Authority.

Speaking of accents, what the hell happened to Russell’s in this episode? Can he only speak with an accent while standing on top of a table? If so, may we request that he always stands on top of a table? It seems like just about everyone else has forgotten that they have an accent except for a handful of actors who aren’t from the good ol’ USA.

I know it seems like I am being unfair to the people who work hard to make True Blood happen. I’m not. This is called a review for a reason. I give my opinions in the hopes that someone, somewhere will read it and realize, “Know what? She’s right. This story arc was unneeded, we have to fix it in the next season.” Silly to assume my ranting will make it anywhere, but a gal can hope.

I don’t even have a Pam moment for the week. However, major props to Tara for taking action in the episode. I won’t say what she did, but it pleases my little black heart to see it.

Not sure what else I can touch on without giving away too many spoilers, so I’ll end it here…unless you have a specific topic you’d like me to discuss. If so, leave a comment and I’ll tell you what I think.


2 thoughts on “Can You Ever Be Just Whelmed?

  1. Seriously! Russell’s accent? He jumped up on a table and went all “you can’t control me, bitches” and with his ancient accent, the Southern one completely disappearing? WTF? Although I’m really happy that what’s-her-face got slapped across the room.

    And YAY, Tara!!!

    BTW, have I mentioned Lafayette is one of my favorite characters right now? Oh, and I still like Eric, but then, I haven’t read the books. =p

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