Ye Olde Booze Fund

Before I get to the idea behind this post, I’d like to point out that the last three television shows I watched marathon-style were Sons Of Anarchy, Mad Men, and Boardwalk Empire–all shows that involve heavy drinking.

It is only natural that I, a now published author (a profession that damn near requires inebriation), would look at these shows and think, “I wish I had their booze budget.” Seriously, have you seen any of them? All the lead characters do is drink, smoke, curse, and have sex. Occasionally there is killing, which I do an ample amount of on paper, given the right manuscript.

I joked about changing the donation button on my blog (located to the right of the screen) into a Booze Fund button. Folks on Twitter encouraged me. They always do when it comes to bad ideas.

Taking donations gives me hives. I’d rather earn it honestly…even if I do end up  buying booze with it. At least then I put in some work to earn my nightcap and don’t feel like a junkie huddled in front of a store asking for handouts. That’s why I have the jewelry shop. *hint*

In other news–or rather, actual news. PonyTails Book Reviews is hosting an interview with yours truly on Friday, August 17th. They also reviewed Be Ours Forever and gave it a 4-horseshoe rating. I think that’s good. I’m not too adept at the horseshoe-to-star conversion rates.

I will also have an interview up on another website on Tuesday, August 21st. Keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook for the link. There will be a giveaway along with the interview on the 21st, so don’t miss it.

Last, but not least, on August 31st through September 10th, I will be doing a last-chance signing event for paperback copies of Be Ours Forever. Same prices as last time. Same process. You pay via Paypal (I will post the links on the 31st) and I’ll personalize a copy of BOF for you.

This really will be the last time to get a signed copy of Be Ours Forever via the internet. The only way to get it signed after September 10th will be to find me at a live event.

Happy humpday, folks. I’m going back to work to earn my booze money.


5 thoughts on “Ye Olde Booze Fund

    1. I think next year I’ll give Aksel his own blog when I *finally* get around to working on his novel. He’ll have a quirky donation button of some sort. I’m still toying with the idea of selling panties on his behalf. Just need a slogan.

  1. Anonymous

    Hmm.. booze fund? Really? Here’s a thought. I’ve read some of your work on twitter, and I think you’re a talented writer, but the shipping for a signed copy of your book, shipped to Europe, was so ridiculous, I thought I’d donate the equivalent amount to you via your donate button, so the author gets the benefit, not the shipping company, and I can always buy the ebook. Had your donate button said ‘Booze Fund’, honestly, I’d have walked on by…Never undersell yourself

    1. The Booze Fund is a joke, really. I don’t drink nearly enough to justify one.

      On the shipping to Europe for BOF, that was the cheapest I could ship it from the post office without paying out of pocket for the difference, which I can’t afford to do. If I could, I’d charge the same as domestic and eat the difference. I love my fans and want them to have something personalized from me, but I’m not at the financial level to make that happen for them just yet.

      The donations help a lot. Actually, all the funds I raised in July made a nightmare trip into something nice for my family.

      1. Anonymous

        Not criticising the shipping, it is what it is, just trying to say a donation can be honestly and well
        earned, so less of the itching. Much rather see you and your family enjoy your trip than have a signed copy on my bookshelf. Glad your trip went well.

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