Breakfast With a Werewolf (pt 5)

During the drive home, doubt and I went through ten rounds of a knockdown drag-out fight. By the time I parked in the driveway, I’d changed my mind a billion times, and then talked myself into witnessing his transformation all over again. Okay, maybe solitude wasn’t what I needed.

But in the end, when faced with the prospect of never waking wrapped up in Matthew’s arms again; I knew what needed to be done.

Hours later we lay in bed together. Under my cheek Matthew’s chest rose and fell in time with my own labored breathing. His heart pounded so hard I could feel each pulse like a soft slap. I smiled despite the fear threatening to ruin the afterglow of good sex. When he came home I’d been too nervous to tell him about my decision, but now…


“Yeah, baby?” he whispered into my hair. One arm wrapped around my shoulders and gave a squeeze.

“I’ve been thinking…”

The muscles under my cheek tensed. Matt scooted to sit with his back against the headboard. I pulled the sheet over my chest and sat up beside him. Automatically my eyes fixed on one of the tiny flowers on the sheet. I didn’t trust whatever look crossed my face. We had one chance at this conversation. I didn’t want to be the one to screw it up.

“What’s the matter? Look at me, Annie.” Gentle fingers tipped my face up to.

“I want to watch when you… you know.” I winced. The well-rehearsed spech I’d cooked up on the way home flew right out the window.

Matt frowned. A look of concern flashed in his eyes, quickly followed by a few other emotions I couldn’t name. Finally he settled on bewildered and stayed that way. “You’re going to have to elaborate more before I start to think the wrong thing.”

“What?” Instantly I regretted asking.

He wagged his brows, a lecherous grin on his lips. “Some girls get off on watching, but honey I’m going to need a little more time to recuperate before—“

“Oh my god! Not that, you pervert.” My shriek made the dog bark.

Matt ducked the pillow I threw at him. “Well what am I supposed to think? You didn’t give me a lot to go on.”

At that moment I wanted nothing more than to crawl under a rock and die. All joking aside, what I needed to tell him terrified me. If he knew where my head was at, he’d be comforting me. Instead I chose after sex to be serious. My planning skills left something to be desired. Obviously I just needed to blunder my way through it and get it over with, like taking off a Band-aid.

“I want to watch you change on the next full moon.” There, I said it. The ball was in his court now.

Surprised, Matt looked down at me. I didn’t dare speak, move, or even breathe. Mentally I willed him to say something, anything. Even a polite, “I don’t think that’s a good idea” would suffice so long as it broke the tension.

Suddenly a smile lit up his face. Matt scooped me up into his muscular arms and pulled me onto his lap. Shocked at his reaction, I just sat there. A laugh echoed across the room. His hand found the back of my head, pulling me in for a long, lingering kiss.

No guilt. No worries. For the first time since I’d started down the path to accepting who and what he was, we let everything else go and simply enjoyed each other. We were facing the boogeyman head on, hand in hand. Nothing could defeat us so long as we did it together.

Matt broke away from the kiss first. His arms tightened around me. “Of course you can watch, baby.”

“Just try not to eat me, Wolf Man,” I teased.

With a growl, he flipped us over and pinned me to the bed. I gasped. He devoured the sound with another kiss that left me seeing stars.

“Oh I’m not waiting a week to devour you, Little Red Riding Hood.”

Teeth flashed in the twilight of the room and tore away the sheet covering my hips. My pulse sped up, threatening to burst. Fear didn’t consume me. Oh no. Anticipation rode my body, made me squirm as he nibbled across my hip.

When Matt promised something, he made good on his word. Much to my pleasure.


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