Nothing At Stake

The tag line for the current season of True Blood is, “Everything’s at stake”. I, personally, feel lied to.

The things and people that they’ve put in harm’s way really don’t matter to fans. Oh no, Bill sold his undead soul to the vampire equivalent of an LSD trip. So fucking what? Bill isn’t all that interesting. He doesn’t have the backbone to be a leader–which made him laughable as the king of Louisiana last season. He’s been such an asshat to Sookie that she’s written him off. How are fans supposed to feel anything for him being in possible danger? Kill him. Make him go batshit crazy and end up in a silver-plated straight jacket. I don’t care about Bill. And that lack of care falls back on bad writing. It has nothing to do with the acting. Mr. Moyer gives a great performance as Bill Compton. The writers aren’t giving him anything to work with to reach fans any more.

Eric never really was “at stake”. He is so self-sufficient and capable that even in situations where his life was directly threatened, we knew he wouldn’t die or turn to the dark side (they do have awesome cookies, though). This entire season has been nothing but using Eric as the voice of reason. No, I’ll be honest… Eric is only in the Authority story line to salvage it and keep fans from taking bathroom breaks during those segments of the show. They trapped him there, away from every supporting character that cares for him. It doesn’t make sense. I joked about enjoying the Eric/Bill bromance at the beginning of the season, but it became all too apparent that Eric was the fail-safe. How can you possibly screw up a story line with Mr. Skarsgard stripping for random reasons? Hell, send him to the fairy strip club and use him to fix that mess.

Fucking fairies. I still cannot make myself care about Sookie’s arc this season. First off, the show is about her and the people in her life so she’s always going to be in some sort of danger. The first few seasons, it was a real sort of danger. Someone literally breathing down her neck to get to her. This season? We have Russell, who didn’t step into her story line until the second-from-last episode, and a faceless, body-less supposed vampire who appears as a puff of fucking smoke. Okay, so he’s going to claim her as his by giving her lung cancer? I. Don’t. Get. It. When will we find out who the hell this guy is? It has dragged on long enough. Give us some resolution already.

I know what they’re going to do. They’ll shove ALL THE RESOLUTION into the final episode… but hang back on the Warlow resolution until next season just to piss fans off.

Have y’all been reading the reviews this season? None of them can be very nice. Mine sure as hell aren’t. True Blood set a very high standard for itself in the first two seasons. Season three was… okay. Season four had some cute moments, but they all involved Eric’s amnesia. And now this?

The finale better knock my striped socks off or I’m finding something else to watch on Sunday nights next summer.


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