Life Imitating Art

There are times when I sit back, consider my life, and wonder if I’ve completely snapped a cog and replaced portions of my reality with clips from TV dramas.

You tell me which scenario is reality and which is fiction:

Story one

A young woman flunks out of high school. In her desperation to make something of herself, to prove to her parents she isn’t worthless, she steals electronics from several stores in town and pawns them. Her family discovers her stash of stolen items. They disown the girl, telling her they won’t go to the police so long as she stays away from them. She has nothing to her name and is forced to live on the streets or in one of the severely underfunded homeless shelters nearby. To feed herself, she pilfers bottles and cans from the garbage.

Story two

A bright young woman graduates in the top twenty percent of her high school. She is given a full-ride scholarship to the college of her choice to study sports medicine. She does well for the first few months. One night, her mother receives a call…from the school. The girl was found in possession of drug paraphernalia, a crack pipe. She is stripped of her scholarship and kicked out of the school, but her mother lets her come back home to give her another chance to do something with her life. The girl can’t find a job. She funds her drug habit by stealing every penny she can from her mother. The drugs lead her to a series of men’s beds…and a unexpected pregnancy.

Well, which is it?


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