One Last Chance – Virtual Signing Event

In July, I announced a limited time offer to pre-purchase a signed copy of my first book, Be Ours Forever. A few people took advantage of the pre-sale. However, since then I’ve had quite a few more folks ask about signed copies.

From today, August 31st, through September 10th, I am giving y’all one last chance to purchase a personalized, signed paperback copy of Be Ours Forever via the internet. Don’t forget, there is an exclusive preview for my next novel, Enslaved, in the back of the book.

This really is the last chance. From here on out, you’ll have to find me at conventions and such to get your copies of BOF signed.

So what is Be Ours Forever about?

To die a slow, painful death, or become one of the blood-sucking undead?

For Brenda Verga, there’s no choice. She can’t fathom leaving her husband, Nico. Nor can she ignore the allure of her husband’s best friend, Rich, when he offers to help turn her. Together, the three of them explore what it means to be part of a triad—three souls brought together by an unbreakable bond forged in blood.

However, happily ever after isn’t in the cards . . . yet. The trio must answer to the Elder’s Counsel—a group of vampires burdened with keeping tabs on their kind. Brenda must convince them that her blood bond with Nico and Rich won’t be a danger to mankind. And failure will come at an extremely high cost.

Click on one of the images below to order (prices are $8.99 + shipping):

Be Ours Forever – US Shipping ($14.29)
Be Ours Forever – International Shipping ($25.94)

Copies will be shipped to you the last week of September (allowing for print time). Hey, that means you will get them near the start of the haunting season! What better way to kick off October than with a vampire novella to enjoy?

I might even sneak in something special with each order…


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