By the Authority Vested in Me…

I declare that Kurt Sutter MUST have my babies. No, I don’t want to have sex with him. But I seriously want my wonderfully creative DNA to combine with his. Oh and he gets to go through the labor process. I ain’t doing that shit.

It is amazing how much happens before the theme song rolls in each episode of Sons of Anarchy. Just about half of the fun and games gets a foot in during those first minutes. Sometimes, it leaves you a tad dizzy, but it’s fucking genius. Most folks turn on a show and piddle around, grabbing booze and snacks before settling in. If you open with something that grabs viewers by the balls, they sit down, shut up, and pay attention until the commercial break. Open with something weak or go straight to the opening credits, and viewers are more likely to be willing to miss the first few minutes of the show in order to snag a bag of chips and a beer.

Some surprising characters are stepping up to the plate to help Samcro. Nero Padilla hit my “skeevy” meter hardcore after the premiere. He’s a character that is too good to be true. Helpful. Nice. Giving. True, he runs a god-damned whore house, but he actually seems like a nice guy–much more so after seeing him interacting with his disabled son in this episode. My problem lies in the fact that any time this show brings in someone that seems to be on the up-and-up, they turn around and stab the Sons in the back, sometimes literally.

It may be surprising, given all that’s gone down in the last season, but it seems like Opie is staying with the MC. Shut up, that’s only somewhat spoilerish. I was genuinely surprised. It seemed like Opie was slowly being written out, or at least into the background to possibly bring back later in the season. Seeing what he does in this episode made me grin.

Don’t give me that look. I laugh, smile, cry, and yell at good TV and Sons of Anarchy is good TV, folks.

Pope is digging his feelers in deeper, pushing Samcro to do the things they really do not want to do. Jax is scrambling to keep ahead of this vengeful bastard. I’ve got a sick feeling, he won’t. Seeing what is to come in next week’s episode… I don’t think it is going to be very long before there is another casualty in this war.

And it is, indeed, a war. Sure, it was started by stupidity and lies, but what war hasn’t been started by the same? Mankind, for all of its advances in technology, all of its pushed to educate the masses–they will always be plagued by the base urge to be absolute morons when they feel they’ve been wronged. Tigg reacted because his friend was supposedly hurt by the 9’ers. Clay’s lie to cover his own ass triggered a series of events that will cost him even more than his greed already has.

We’ve had one teeny, tiny moment of happiness in two episodes this season. As much as I enjoyed that scene, I know that the rest of the season will be even more difficult because of it.

By the way, next week’s episode is titled “Laying Pipe”. I giggled. If you don’t know the slang, look in the Urban Dictionary.


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