Cruelty At Its Best

Normally, I really try to avoid posting spoilers during my show reviews. However, this week the producers of Sons of Anarchy have forced my hand. Too much heavy shit happened for me to dance and joke my way around what happened.

You’ve been warned. There’s spoilers past this sentence. If you yell, I will track you down and pour bleach in your gas tank.

I hate Pope. Hate him with the fires of a thousand cases of gonorrhea. His time is nearing to get what is coming to him. If it doesn’t, I will have a serious problem with the writers on the show. There is no way Pope can’t pay for all of the pain and grief he’s set up for Samcro on professional and personal levels. Jax, or rather the new Jax, won’t stand for this shit any more. It is there in his eyes at the end of the episode. I shivered at that cold, dead look in his eyes. Well, what of it I could make out through my tears.

Yes, I cried again. It is becoming a disturbing trend in my television watching habits.

Before I get to why I’m bawling like a tween who shattered the bottle of her favorite cotton candy pink nail polish, let me talk about a few other characters.

Gemma is a god-damned train wreck wrapped in leather and a haze of pot smoke. She is so focused on micro-managing everyone else’s lives, her own private life has become an epic joke. I have always applauded Gemma’s ruthless streak to do what needs to be done, what no one else is willing to do, in order to protect her family. But now? She’s being petty and small. I cannot stand women like that–the ones who go after the people they’re supposed to protect in order to make herself feel stronger, to feel in control. She has gone from matriarch to user in a steady decline since last season. I found myself wanting to punch her gorgeous face in before remembering, she’s fictional.

It seems like we’re being shorted time with some of the other MC guys to focus on the Teller/Morrow plot. The problem with that is, what is going on with the family doesn’t put a stop to the business of the MC. Sure, the pres is locked up and the former first couple are on the outs, it doesn’t mean shit doesn’t need to be taken care of. Bobby is the VP and fully capable of doing what needs to be done. The background characters in the MC give SoA color, life. The main characters are the Grim Reaper that represents Samcro. Death follows them and while that makes for compelling television, it is getting very, very fucking hard to sit through these episodes. The tension is ramped up to eleven and eventually the stress will make viewers snap a cog.

*deep breath*

I don’t know how to tackle this final piece of the episode.

The hope I had last week got a fucking lead pipe to the back of his skull.

Opie has been my favorite character on Sons of Anarchy since the first episode. Out of everyone, he remained the truest to himself and the relationships he formed. And then everything that could go wrong, did. His wife was murdered in one of Clay’s numerous asshole schemes. His father met a similar fate. The woman he used to fill the void in his soul after losing the love of his life didn’t work out and he had no love left to give to his children.

The times I’ve wept during this show were almost always for Opie and the absolute shit life he has because of Samcro. They were the best/worst thing to happen to him. They gave him family while simultaneously taking it away.

With Opie dead, now the what-ifs come in to play. What if Clay hadn’t been pres? Would that have saved Opie’s wife and father? What if he went Nomad? What if he just left the Sons? Would Opie’s life have been any better if he lived with Jax at the gavel?

A person could go mad from trying to figure it all out.

In the end, Opie did exactly what I knew he’d do. He took the choice out of Jax’s hands to spare him any more of his loved one’s blood staining his soul. When a man has nothing left, he doesn’t fear the Grim Reaper, he embraces him. Opie was lost and only found himself in those moments before he died.

Where the show goes from here is hard to tell. They’re starting another war and the bodies are piling up so high, the Great Wall of China is getting jealous.


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