Tales From The Haunt

The proper title for this blog should be, Tales From the Haunt: The Ongoing Adventures of Frank the Tribble.

For long-time readers, you guys know when I start talking about scares and haunts, it must be October and time for The Grove Haunt to open. Last year, my character, Sera, came out of her daytime rest to give you all a glimpse into her journal.

This year’s character is a tad shy outside of her home. But what she lacks in being talkative, she makes up for in hair volume. To make a Victorian-esque hair style, I created a little cheater device to spare my real hair a lot of tangling. The result is a wad of ratted synthetic hair, which oddly resembles a tribble (yes, the little fuzzy things from Star Trek).

And, because I’m me, I’ve decided the hair piece needs a name. I shall call him… Frank. Thanks to Jinxie G. for the name suggestion.

Frank has a bird’s-eye view of everything that happens in the haunt. He is also somewhat of a chatter-box. So, during the run of the gig, Frank will occasionally pop in and share some of his observations about the world we’re living in this month.

I have never seen so many people willingly walk into a building where seventy-five percent of the walls aren’t really painted, but covered in blood splatter, mud, and other stains you’d rather not identify.

Just a tip, don’t ask to see the toilet in the House. 

The past few days I’ve been blessed to witness the miracle of birth approximately two-hundred times. Each time I get a flutter of excitement and the urge to procreate. You’d have to be there to understand the true beauty of it. 

Frank’s gotta cut it short this time around. He’s got an appointment early tomorrow with a brush. Ta-ta!


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