Dangerous Bedfellows

Getting into business with Damon Pope is kinda like stripping nude, popping a couple Viagra, and jumping into a pit of vipers. Eventually one of the snakes won’t like the way you look at them and bite your dick off. (Shut up, I know this is a flawed simile. Just go with it.) If Jax is seriously going to further their professional relationship, the MC is going to pay some how, some way. Apparently Opie’s death wasn’t enough. When the hell will Jax get back on the path his father laid out for him? Or will Samcro implode before he has a chance?

But Jax has a snake in his own front lawn that needs to be taken care of first–Clay. He’s been faking his infirmity to remain under the radar for weeks, slowly growing stronger, plotting and scheming. It wasn’t until the end of this episode where his true intentions were revealed. And yes, I yelled at my TV. Loudly. The cats think I’ve lost my ever-loving mind. Clay is an asshole. He’s always been an asshole, and he’s done so much damage to the MC behind the gavel and not, I’ll be surprised if Jax can pull Samcro out of the tailspin they’ve been caught in since coming back from Ireland. Yeah, shit’s been going downhill for a while.

Carla is…was a sick cunt. What kind of last request is that? Eww. It made me think, though, when put in contrast with a conversation Unser had with Gemma later in the episode. Carla wouldn’t have been in that position if Gemma hadn’t of landed in Nero’s bed in the first place after a drinking binge. Where in the world does someone go back to the person they had a night with that they can barely remember? How damaged is Gemma mentally that her only semi-functioning relationship is with a virtual stranger who sells pussy for a living? I can’t fathom it. Her destructive streak has claimed a few people in its wake and Gemma doesn’t seem to notice it.

Super snow globe! Watch out world, a new, dangerous weapon has hit the streets–the indestructible snow globe. One of my many hobbies is keeping a mental tally of odd, yet awesome weapons used to kill people in movies and TV shows. The snow globe has landed in my top fifteen.

It was a hard scene to watch, aside from the novelty of the weapon of choice. All of the emotion Jax repressed since Opie’s death snapped his cogs. If the guys weren’t there to stop him, he would have kept hitting until the snow globe made a hole in the floor under the guy’s head. It was cathartic, necessary to get Jax’s ducks in a group (he hasn’t quite graduated to getting them in a row, but this is a start).

What to do about Otto? It’s pretty obvious Tara will try to talk to him again about changing his testimony. Otto just wants to die. He has literally given and lost everything to the MC. Clay let him rot in prison with very little protection on the inside. He couldn’t keep Otto’s old lady safe and once she died, Otto snapped. He had nothing to live for any more, even if he wasn’t going to get out of lockup. Tara has no bargaining chips left. He called her bluff and she showed her hand. Bad things are going to happen unless she uses her brain. Her only way to succeed may be to give him the one thing he truly wants–death.

The rest of this season is going to be…intense. There’s no way around it. Too many people are plotting against Jax and Samcro. One snake will sink it’s fangs into the Reaper, which will it be?


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