In Defense of Writers

Even before I was dropped on my head and decided, “Let’s make a living vomiting words on a page.” I noticed there was something inherently wrong with the relationship between authors and a significant number of their readers. At some point in time, readers have become convinced authors are capable of pulling a full written, edited, and formatted book out of their ass one month after releasing another book.

Newsflash: It doesn’t happen like that at all.

Most writers will only be able to produce one book a year. They aren’t hosting nude hot tub parties with their advances (if they even receive an advance). They aren’t sitting at their desk, reading the wailing and gnashing of teeth their fans post online while rubbing their hands together ala Mr. Burns.

Writing is hard work. We take blank pages and create entire universes from our imaginations. Despite what “enlightened” assholes might say, a pack of monkeys could not sit down and fling shit at typewriters until they produced Hamlet. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. Monkeys don’t feel soul-deep tired after producing only five pages in thirteen hours of work.

“Five pages? No wonder it takes a year to write a book!”

Wrong, jackass.

Those five pages could be the most soul-killing words ever wrung from a human mind. I don’t write happy things, despite the wonderful Paranormal Romance label tacked onto my works. No slight on PNR as a genre. I just wish people would stop assuming all PNR novels are rehashes of Twilight with more sex thrown in. It put a bad taste in my mouth for a genre I love dearly.


I guess the point of this is, we’re not machines. Every author writes at a pace that works for them. For some, eeking out one page a day is a miracle. For others, they vomit up twenty to thirty pages no problem. If you want to call yourself a fan, realize the writers you love are indeed working their asses off. We don’t get days off. You can’t take a vacation from your mind. Even on days when no pages are made, writers are thinking about how to get the characters from point A to point Z in the book while making it the best story possible for you, dear readers.

In other words, quit asking when the next book is out. Wait until the author is ready to announce a release date and don’t be upset if that date should change. There are a number of things out of an author’s hands once they finish writing–editing, cover art, formatting, print time, etc. Once we hand the book off to the publisher, the schedule is out of our hands.

That being said, I don’t have a release date for Enslaved yet. When my publisher and I can sit down to figure it out, I’ll make an announcement. We’re both seriously busy right now.

I can announce, however, that I’ve started writing the prequel to Be Ours Forever. No details on that one, yet. It is going to be a fun one, though.


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