Vagina is Not a Four-Letter Word

Okay, it is rant hour. Hold on to your asses.

Read THIS article. Done? Good…

What the ever-loving fuck is wrong with people? Yes, I understand why the passages concerning Anne Frank’s discoveries and musings about the capabilities of her private areas were initially removed from her diary before publication. A girl’s self-discovery is intensely personal and not something typically shared with the world, as her diary was. However, it is vital that girls in this day and age understand that looking at themselves, understanding their bodies intimately is normal. It is not dirty or a sin to know what is between your legs. Men know full well what their penises can do. Why should women live in the dark ages about their anatomy and sexuality? Small minds cannot contemplate what it is to truly be comfortable with their bodies. Why should girls, in any era, be told over and over again that one portion of their bodies will forever bring them shame? This mentality is far sicker than the notion of a teen-aged girl taking a peek under her skirt out of curiosity.

Vagina is not a foul word. It is not a dark, dirty secret to remain wrapped in mystery. How are girls to fully understand sex and the impact it can have on their lives without this natural act of exploration?

And yes, the mother in the article claims her daughter was “uncomfortable” reading the diary entires regarding Anne Frank’s self discovery. You know what? Good. Our personal boundaries, especially when it concerns something incredibly vital to how we see ourselves, need to be pushed occasionally. I sure as hell didn’t skip out of my mother’s womb one-hundred percent comfortable with my body. As a matter of fact, I was appalled with what my body did during puberty. And that was because No One thought to be completely honest with me and the girls in my classes at that age. Schools gloss over things concerning female sexuality. Instead they focus on what a penis does, and what it does with a vagina. The vagina itself has always been a two minute conversation with sterile anatomy pictures. For years I thought there was something wrong with me because down there didn’t look like anything anyone had shown me in sex ed classes. And I’ll be completely, brutally honest, it wasn’t until I stumbled across a porno magazine that I realized my vagina was perfectly normal. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors–like flowers. I shouldn’t have had to accidentally found reassurance about my normalcy downstairs. Acceptance of ones body is paramount, more so during the teenage years. No one should walk around thinking less of themselves when a simple, frank conversation can clarify so, so much.

It is utterly frustrating to be a woman. Even now we’re told to be ashamed of how we were born. I didn’t ask to come out this way, but I did and I’ll be damned if anyone will make me loathe any part of myself because they cannot be mature enough to look at vagina without thinking of it as something foul. What is worse is some of the most outspoken people, the ones fighting to keep young girls from loving their bodies, are women themselves. We are such a backwards society and it pisses me off to no end to continuously hear reports on how women are being hauled back to the dark ages concerning their bodies.

I have a vagina. Get over it.


7 thoughts on “Vagina is Not a Four-Letter Word

  1. I proudly take credit for bringing the article to your attention… whether you thank or blame me. It is appalling that we have people in this country who think this way. It was an attempt at censorship and trying to make normal exploration and thoughts something “dirty” – which to me is unconscionable.

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