Can We Have More Jessica, Please?

I’m not quite sure what was actually accomplished on this episode of True Blood. There were a lot of lead-ins for larger plot points, but none of them were seen through. It is early in the season. There won’t be a lot of resolutions…normally. However, they left so many dangling threads at the end of last season, something should be tying up so the characters can move on. Instead they’re all stuck in an emotional rut. We’re getting more emotion from the rug in Sookie’s living room.

Andy as a papa. I don’t think I’ve really commented on his story arc since the season began. I wanted to hate it, them shoving four kids at Andy. However the sheer helplessness he expresses at his sudden fatherhood is something a lot of people can touch on–only he’s got it a hundred times worse because his four girls are growing at a rate of about three years every two or three days. As a parent, it only *feels* like they’re growing that fast. And we fully understand Andy when he’s at his wits end, trying to deal with fatherhood. It isn’t an easy gig. There are no handbooks to help, not really. You either succeed and raise fine young people who make a difference, or something happens and all of the worry you’ve suffered comes to a head when your child turns into an adult you can’t stand to be around.

Alcide is still drinking the douche juice. He’s also failing utterly at being the alpha. Which is . . . not right. At least to me. He’s an intelligent man. Hard working. Loyal. Yet we’re supposed to believe a little bit of power, perceived power since there’s no magical element to being the alpha of a pack in this universe, has sent the wolf who risked his ass to help Sookie save Tara to Asshole Land.

Someone mentioned last week that I’ve been seriously underselling Jessica. I didn’t mean to, only  . . . her story is so tied up in the Billith nonsense right now, I keep looking past parts of her scenes to just Get Through It. As a fan I should not feel the need to glaze over the major story arc for the season (or one of them) in order to tolerate the show. Because of that, I’ve been missing out on a great performance from Deborah Ann Woll. Her prayer at the end of last week’s episode was stunning. Not quite as stunning as her naughty school girl outfit for this week’s episode, however. So sue me, I’m easily won over by gorgeous redheads.

Eric and Pam are functioning at such a high rate of anger and flight-or-fight, it is hard to follow their story line through this season. The tension is ramped up too much. The stakes are too high. There’s no relief, and that makes viewers cringe away from their scenes. We caught a small glimpse of the old Fangtasia mentality when Ginger made a guest appearance. It gave viewers just enough time to take a breath before the shit resumed hitting the fan for our vampire crew.

I’m tired of the, “Warlow is coming” shit already. They said he was on his way most of last season. Then he only pulled some weird floating head shit in Sookie’s bathroom. Supposedly he’s escaped . . . and went on a faery blood bender. Ooo, scary. I’m trembling in my slippers. As far as Big Bad Guys go, Warlow sucks. It is a story arc that never got off the ground last season and is failing to deliver this season. The only highlight of any of it was seeing Rutger Hauer. But Niall’s character is so poorly written at times, it is hard to be thrilled about another book character making the leap onto the screen.

That’s all I got for this week (that I can remember). See y’all next week. Can we hope the show will improve at all?


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