Too Many Beans

Earlier this week I decided, at random, to make a batch of non-fat refried beans. From scratch. I made a metric ton of refried beans, guys. The finished product could’ve easily fed at least fifteen people, maybe more.

And I did it on purpose. Not because I have a borderline psychotic love for refried beans. But you see, I have end-of-book-brain. What the hell is that? Pull up a chair, I’ll explain.

Every author has a moment where they hit a stride with their book. It is a rare, gleaming moment when you and the book are one. The words flow at a pace you’re pleased with. The characters do their thing on the page so wonderfully, you want to keep writing to see what they’ll do next. Think of it as a runner’s high for the literary set. For some authors, this comes mid-book–when the deadline is far off in the future. Others devour the first chapters of their new manuscript in a matter of days, like sprinters after the starting gun. Then there are the poor souls like me, who never hit their stride until the deadline looms over their shoulder, rancid breath beating against the back of their neck. This final group are the ones who suffer the most from end-of-book brain, though no author is safe after dumping roughly 50-90k words out of their head onto the page.

In the writing stride, things tend to go . . . poorly as far as the outside-of-my-head world is concerned. The house is, well . . . I’ve taken to walking through the living room with my eyes closed. Unless someone reminds me to do it, eating is a, “I wonder why my stomach is growling like a demon” sort of thing. Which brings us back to the beans. We always keep tortillas in the house–corn and flour. Basically with my epic batch o’ beans, I’ve solved a portion of my problem. Nuke beans, warm tortillas, slap ’em together–voilà! Food! It isn’t gourmet. I won’t be winning any parent-of-the-year awards. But we’re fed cheaply, easily, and quickly for a few days. Oh and they’re totally healthy, so I’ll Stop Gaining Weight during this last week of binge-writing to finish In Too Deep.

Yeah, that’s right. This baby is nearly done. Finally. Onlythreeweeksbehindschedule. *cough*

Anyway . . . . Back to the grindstone. I’ll have news about the release of ITD in the next couple weeks. Keep your eyes peeled.


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