A Decent Effort

Spoiler warning up front. I should just call these “rum warnings” considering the nights I drink and watch tend to yield the most spoilers. And usage of the word “fuck.”

I hate when the writers make me look like a bitch. Last week I ranted at some length about neither Eric or Bill sensing Sookie through the blood bond. So what is the first god damned thing in this episode? Bill sensing Sookie’s distress as ghost papa is drowning her pretty blonde ass. Okay, fine. You got one over on me, writers. However you still completely ignored Eric’s blood bond with Sookie, so suck my invisible dick. Seriously, if you’re going to have these metaphysical rules, you need to follow them all the time, not just when and how it suits you purpose because you’ve written yourselves into a corner.

Gotta love how they handled the Eric Vs. Pam showdown the human scumbags set up. It was smart and showed the characters’ true natures. Sadly, Eric and Pam remain two of very few characters on the show handled properly. As in, they are still the characters they were originally written as, instead of some dumbed down version to use for the current season because the actual character would’ve handled their story arc a lot differently (Hello, Alcide? Yeah, that wolf is fucking MIA.).

Telling Sam he can’t return to Bon Temps? Yeah…that’s a surefire way to piss fans off. Sam is…well, Sam. He’s the conscious of Bon Temps. Sam is always there to lend a hand. He’ll rent you a house for the family price if you need a roof over your head. Hell, he’d probably swing by and help you remodel your house if you needed the help. Sam is the kindness in a world where vampires are too concerned with ripping out throats and gaining power. He’s the sanity when fae pop out of the woodwork to wreak havoc in your life. Bon Temps needs Sam. Sookie needs Sam. He’s been away from her for far too long. She’s too wrapped up in hating vampires and surviving her crazy fae family. Sam is the center of calmness, but he’s being kept away from the one place where he actually matters.

The vampires are still in trouble. Not much progress there, other than they’re starting to slowly stitch half-brained plans together.

Jessica broke my heart in this episode with one line and the emotion behind it. If you watched, you know which line. It hit like a stake to the heart.

Sookie is smoking the good shit. I’m absolutely convinced of it. That’s the only way to explain her part of this episode. Not only does she somehow manage to transport herself and Warlow to the in-between land from fae to reality (when before Claudine had been the one to transport her), but she’s doing seriously uncharacteristic things to Warlow when they get there. I mean, I’m all for seeing Sookie’s tits. Don’t think I’m complaining. It’s just…the action at the end of the episode felt wonky, out of place. There was no real motivation behind it, at no believable motivation. And when did her snatch start glowing in the dark?

Finally, Terry. I knew Arlene’s plan wouldn’t save him. From that realization, through the rest of the show, I was miserable. Seeing Terry’s pain from his PTSD, yet how he’d managed to still have a healthy relationship with Arlene, her children, and his son…it gave people hope. There are so many walking wounded in the world. Those who suffer from injuries unseen by the naked eye. But if you spend a little time with them, you see those scars lurking just behind their eyes–in the way they look around for dangers, avoid certain words, jump at noises we take for granted. If Sam is Bon Temps conscious, Terry was the heart. He’d suffered so much, but loved with everything he had. It is an unexpected loss this season. A senseless one, in my eyes. Then again, because of my mental hiccups, I’m extra sensitive to talk of suicide. Even if it is suicide by proxy.


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