Pet Peeves

I’ll preface this post by saying, it will piss people off. It may make some of you cry. Hell, other will be terrified because it’ll force them to *gasp* think before they speak. Feel free to call me a bitch, or any other nasty words you can think up (and spell correctly, please).

Peeve #1 – Passive aggressive asshats.

It starts with a sigh. Then a shift in their seat, followed quickly by another sigh. In five minutes, if the passive prat’s not given what they want, they’ll say, “That’s okay. I didn’t want to do it anyway.” Cue my grinding teeth. If you want something, ask for it. Life cannot be lived for you. The people in your life will not magically make All The Cool Shit happen for you. Stop sighing. Take charge. Fucking live already. If someone pisses you off, them why–use your words to your advantage. Don’t use your words to trick someone into doing what you want while you talk around the issue. “I wish I could…too” sort of phrases will land you with a handful of nothing.

Peeve #2 – Quitters

In the history of mankind, no one has ever come out of the womb perfect. Are you fucking surprised? If you just said, “Yes,” please go bang your head against the wall over to the left. I’ll continue speaking to the intelligent folks, now.

No one is perfect. It takes years, sometimes decades to perfect certain skills. I didn’t wake up one morning and know I’d write anything worth publishing. I sure as shit didn’t even bother trying to publish a book until I’d been writing for over five years and someone TOLD me what I’d produced warranted it. Not everyone will be successful at whatever they attempt. I tend to reference everything with the arts, because that’s what I do. Sure, I can string together halfway decent sentences, but I can’t draw or paint to save my fucking life. No, seriously. If I were forced by some psycho to paint a mural in exchange for my life, he’d be using my blood to decorate his living room wall. But just because you aren’t good at art form A, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to give up. If it makes you happy, Keep Practicing. Dive into your art every day. The brain is a muscle. You have to work it in order for it to grow strong enough to do what you want. When you give up, you are only hurting yourself.

Yourself. Not others. We’re happy to see you succeed, but never think to drag us down with you because you can’t hang.

Peeve #3 – Attention Seekers

I should tread carefully on this one. I really should . . . . Fuck it.

Other people were not put on this earth to validate your existence, mother fuckers. Get this through your heads right now. I am sick and tired of watching the, “Look at me, look at me” people traipsing all over social media. So you ate an ice cream cone. It doesn’t mean celebrities #1-5 need to be told personally that you enjoyed a scoop of double fudge brownie. Someone said something (passively) negative? What on God’s green earth makes you assume they’re talking about you? And, more importantly, is it really necessary to start a witch hunt against this person to defend your maybe-sullied reputation? No. It isn’t. The thoughts and actions of others do not make you who you are. Your reactions to what they say, do. Flying off the handle at every little thing is a damn good way to let everyone know to stay the fuck away from your psychotic ass. I guess I should thank you then, attention whores. You’re saving me precious hours of ignoring you talking about yourself to people who really couldn’t give two shits.

Peeve #4 – People

If you didn’t guess this one, obviously you haven’t been paying attention to anything I’ve said in the last two years.

I have more pet peeves, but honestly can’t think of them right now. You may return to your regularly scheduled lives, now.


5 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

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    1. Yes, I am well aware of it, Jinxie. We’d type (or talk) until the sun died about how much both of us despise people. But we’re cool. Just us. And a select few who I don’t want to throw into a wood chipper.

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