A New Book?

Why yes, dear readers there’s a new book with my name on the cover floating around. Into the Darkness is an anthology from Just Ink Press that’s been quietly in the works under the whip  I mean . . . direction of editor Leona Bushman. My fellow authors include Missy Jane, Shannon Mayer, and N.L. Gervasio.

27889_568015609921780_255250241_n You can pick up copies of Into the Darkness on Amazon or Barnes & Nobel.

The Tattoo by R.C. Murphy

Being a medium isn’t all Hollywood promised it’d be—spending the day conjuring ghosts to reunite them with their loves so they can make ceramic bowls together.

After a spur-of-the-moment tattoo opens his mind, giving him the ability to speak with the dead, Paul Doyle misses his boring old life. He wishes his time with girlfriend Isabel Flores was spent doing normal couple things, walks in the park, picnics, maybe even a movie marathon on her couch. Instead, he is thrown into the world of the dead. His new ghostly companion is Raul Delgado, Isabel’s ex-boyfriend who’s been missing for weeks. Or so they believe. How much does Paul really know about Isabel? Not enough to keep him on the corporeal side of life.


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