The Boys are Back!

Unless you live under a rock with no cable access, you know that Sons of Anarchy is back for another season of hell-raising, biking riding, and more turmoil than you can shake a stick at. The season premiere pulled no punches.

Straight out of the gate, we know Jax’s mind isn’t steady. He’s torn, dealing with Tara being locked up and setting up Clay to take the fall for Pope’s death. How will it affect his children? He plans to tell them everything eventually. Is that a smart move? No. But he refuses to allow his kids to grow up in the life. Jax is spending all of his time cleaning up after other people’s bullshit. How many of them are trying to help him. I mean honestly, unselfishly helping him get though his personal crap? Not Gemma. Maybe a couple of Sons have their hearts in the right place when it comes to their prez, but how far would they go for him? Jax says several times, the MC is split down the middle–torn over what they think Clay did, what Juice did, and the guys who know most of the truth, like Bobby? They’re ripped apart by Jax’s executive decisions.

And how about Kurt Sutter taking one for the team? Since day one, he’s put his character, Otto, through hell. It is just getting worse, to the point where anytime I know the show is cutting back to his story line, I cringe like Pavlov’s dogs. See Otto, have instant nightmares. It says something about how Sutter sees himself, I think, to watch his character’s decent into the lowest pit of hell–while still living.

Right now, the only person getting their way seems to be Gemma. At the very least, she’s the only character not ass deep in alligators. But with the twists and turns on the show, who knows what’ll happen next week, or even by the end of the next commercial break. Sutter and his writing staff continue to push their characters to the limits. It only serves to highlight the cast, who take the script and all of it’s horrid scenarios, and make it into something people jones for.

Tig is still a wildcard. He’s not coping with the death of his daughter well at all. I have this awful feeling that he’ll do something stupid. Again. His temper and lack of impulse control is what got him in this fucked up situation in the first place. Tig lost his marbles and I’m not sure there’s anyway for him to find them again.

And Clay? Well, he’s a roach. No matter what atomic bombs are dropped on the MC, Clay somehow survives by crawling into the dankest, dirtiest holes and hiding there until the dust clears (or someone clears the way for him). The man would sell out his mother for a beer.

Holy fucking shit. For the entire episode I kept trying to figure out what the fuck was up with the blond kid. Now I wish I’d never seen him. Kids and violence always unsettles me. Not talking just creepy kids in horror movies (though whoever keeps writing that shit can just fuck off right now and stop hitting my fear triggers) but children who just go…wrong. My childhood wasn’t peachy keen by any means. I am the product of a broken home, addict and abusive father, bullying, depression…the list goes on. Yet at no point did I pick up an automatic weapon and shoot up a school. Seeing this level of violence from a child is terrifying.

SoA didn’t pull any punches with the premiere. Can they keep this level of intensity up? I’m terrified to know the answer to that.


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