Start Counting the Bodies

We’re two episodes into season six of Sons of Anarchy and already the body count is getting pretty high–if you include the shocking school shooting in the first episode. Which I am, since a SAMCRO-sold gun was involved. Despite the high death count, episode two of the season never reached a full boil. It simmered, up until the last fifteen minutes or so. It is understandable. They raced out of the gate with the premiere. Now the writers are settling in for the long-haul. That’s the great thing about SoA,  the focus on the long term story line, while still hitting character story arcs for each season.

Tara is a perfect example of this series-long story arc. When we met in her season one, she was pretty ballsy, but softer, kinder. Her heart was in healing and helping people. She’d escaped Gemma and her scheming once before to do good things with her life. Now Tara is cold, hardened by the shit she’s seen and been through. She’s perfected the art of scheming behind Jax’s back–giving Gemma a run for her money. I mean, how frosty does a bitch have to be to not only plan a divorce, but simultaneously take a man’s kids away…then go bang him not twelve hours later. Tara, the character, needs a damn acting award for how well she covers her actions in front of everyone except her lawyer.

Clay could stand to learn from Tara. He’s showing his hand right and left, all while thinking he’s pulling one over on Jax and Gemma. He tried to get under Gemma’s skin, and succeeded momentarily. Clay is the only person capable of rattling Gemma’s cage, but he’s done it so many times, used his love to hurt her over and over, she can brush it off. All he’s doing is stroking his ego. Masturbation, even mental masturbation, is lonely and unsatisfying after prolonged periods. And the only one willing to help Clay out is a druggie ex federal marshal–who by the way continues to freak me the fuck out. I was willing to gloss over his nude mirror dance last week, but the whole hand thing in this episode? Dudeman needs a nice white coat with extra-long sleeves, mmk? Not to mention, in the process of Clay thinking he’s using the ex-marshal, he’s just leading this guy closer and closer to a violent death. There’s no way this guy survives the season without a bullet in his dome. He’s barking up all the wrong trees.

This school shooting thing is going to haunt the MC for a while. Already, we’ve seen what desperate measures Jax is willing to sink to in order to cover up the club’s involvement. Even if it means causing mass amounts of grief for Nero–who’s life has done an  180 flip in the span of two fucking days. He went from sitting pretty, in a deal with SAMCRO to keep his business alive, banging Gemma, and rolling in cash to burying his cousin and the dude’s old lady, knowing Jax ordered the latter’s death, but not saying shit because he *knows* someone has to deal with the fucking mess they’re in.

Sorry this is a tad late, guys. I had to watch it a day late thanks to my random desire to clean my living room ceiling-to-carpet–including moving all the furniture into new spots. No, I didn’t kill anyone in there. Yet. Catch y’all next week. We’ll see where the chips land as the fallout from Otto’s actions, and the shooting continue to plague the MC and their associates.


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